Many people want glowing skin. It allows them to look young and energetic.

This is particularly true for those who experience various levels of stress. Stress can cause our skin to look older and less healthy than expected.

Beauty products such as Dr. Jart are often used to maintain healthy skin. Jart is one solution, but there are other options that we can incorporate into our daily lives.

1. Adjusting your diet

The food we eat can have an impact on how our skin looks. To keep your body energized and meet your daily nutritional needs, eat foods high in vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins. You might add more leafy vegetables, greasy seafood, fruit-rich Vitamin C, and some fermented veggies as a side dish. To avoid weight gain, cut back on sugary and unneeded carbohydrates. This accelerates the aging process.

2. Exercising regularly

You don’t need to be a gym rat to reap the many benefits of exercise. Regular exercise can tone our muscles, joints, and skin and release harmful toxins through sweat when combined with a healthy diet. Begin by doing low-resistance exercises such as stretching or brisk walking for 30 minutes daily. To help your body adapt to these changes, gradually increase the difficulty of your workouts each week by moving from walking to running and then to jogging.

3. Keep track of your hydration

Water has many health benefits, including the ability to rejuvenate your skin. Experts recommend that you drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Add some lemon or cucumber to your water tumbler for more flavor.

4. Applying SPF

While not necessary in Scotland, it is worth remembering if you plan to travel. SPF lotions and creams protect our skin from harmful UV rays. This is a key step in any skin care routine, but many people need to pay more attention to it. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you leave the house. Apply sunscreen every 45 minutes if you are on the beach for continuous sun protection. You can further protect yourself by wearing a wide-brimmed cap or bringing an umbrella. You can’t be too cautious!

5. Non-comedogenic Products

Many products on the market suit different skin types. Be aware that harsh chemicals can cause skin irritations. Choose non-comedogenic items that are gentler and more effective at hydrating your skin. Do your research and read reviews about the products before you make a major purchase. To determine if there are any side effects, make sure you do a patch test on your skin first.

6. Applying minimal makeup

Many makeup products can enhance and minimize our imperfections. Like skin care products, every makeup product is different. Before you make a purchase, research the product and do a skin patch test. Most products intended to cover the skin (e.g., foundations and concealers) should be ideal. Foundation, concealers, powders and concealers should be breathable at minimum and consistent. It’s likely to cause breakouts if the product feels heavy or cakey on your skin.

7. Always remove your makeup

Many people are guilty of going to bed after a long day at work. This can lead to breakouts and blockage of our pores. You mustn’t close off any pores to allow your skin to breathe. This can cause damage throughout the night. Avoid any potential risks by removing your makeup using gentle makeup removers. After cleansing your skin, apply moisturizer to your skin before you go to bed. It will be amazing how radiant your skin will look the next morning!

It is clear that healthy skin requires more than the use of products. It is important to do research on products, but learning how to care for your skin inside-out will maximize the benefits it can offer to your skin. This will allow you to enjoy your skin to its full potential.


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