You may be suffering from pigmentation on your skin

Hyperpigmentation or pigmentation is a common skin condition in which certain areas of the skin become darker than normal. This is a common condition that occurs when excessive pigment (called Melanin) accumulates in the skin. It can affect people of all ages, castes, and creeds.

The market is flooded with information about pigmentation, and there are thousands of┬átreatments available. These products come with big claims and guarantees! The shocking truth is that most fancy products that are available over the counter don’t work. Some effects may even be harmful to your skin.

Modern science offers a ray of light for pigmentary issues. The pigmentary case is classified according to the underlying cause, the affected part, and the level of pigmentation. Before starting treatment, it is important to rule out any systemic conditions or hormonal abnormalities.

These are the most common pigmentation problems:

  • Melasma: brown flat patches on the cheeks, forehead, and upper lip of both sides.
  • Freckles are tiny, flat brown or tan spots on the face caused by concentrated Melanin.
  • Postinflammatory Pigmentation- Develops on the chest, neck, or face secondary to inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, atopic Dermatitis, bug bites, or psoriasis.
  • Hyperpigmentation during pregnancy- seen on the lower abdomen, axilla, and areola
  • Ashy dermatoses or Cosmeceutical-induced pigmentation- diffused pigmentation on the face as a result of allergic reactions to cosmetic products

Modern science offers a reliable treatment for pigmentation. It can be done with a new generation of chemical peels, which are either a single ingredient therapy or a combination therapy decided by our specialists. Pixel Q-switch and Pixel Er: YAG are used to treat the resistant cases. For any pigmentation, it is essential to use sunscreen.

Periorbital Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation periorbital causes dark circles to appear around the eyes. Puffy/sunken eyes or eye bags can also accompany it. It is a result of the skin surrounding the eyes being fragile lacking in subcutaneous tissue to support it. This leads to fragile capillaries that leak blood into these areas and cause periorbital pigmentation.

It is vital to change your lifestyle. This condition is exacerbated by stress, sleep deprivation (especially in front of computer screens), anemia, and lack of a balanced diet.

AuraSkinInstitute treats this annoying problem using topical medications, arginine, peels, fillers, and lasers. Our lasers are of the highest quality, using pixel-Erbium technology. Laser rays targeted at this area stimulate the body’s healing response, and new collagen is formed. The result is a stronger blood vessel and less leakage. This, in turn, reduces pigmentation and puffy eyelids. Fillers are used to treat sunken eyes.


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