What is the best eye makeup for sensitive eyes

Suppose you use eye makeup that contains parabens, fragrances, or other irritating ingredients. In that case, it can irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes or even make them red, watery, or itchy. Contact lenses can make your eyes more sensitive to makeup. You can prevent this by cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, but you should also choose the right products. Search for brands that are free of parabens and toxins, and look out for mineral makeup. We’ve selected a few favorites to help you in your quest for the best eye makeup for sensitive eyes.

Osmosis Color Eye & Lip Primer 

You can be sure that this beauty brand creates products free of toxins for sensitive users. Its eye primer will help your eye makeup last longer without irritating you. Apply a small amount with your finger, and then gently swipe across both eyelids.

Bonus: Use this primer underneath your favorite lip color to prolong the wear.

Eye Shadow Kit 

The brand is still a leader in the world of clean beauty, so if you have sensitive eyes, investing in a Jane Iredale palette is essential. You won’t experience irritation because all shadows are tested for sensitivity. The clouds also contain silica to prevent creases. Choose from nine color collections, ranging from Pure Basics for neutrals that are hard to go wrong to Let’s Party for bright jewel tones perfect for a night on the town.

RMS Back2Brow Brow powder 

A well-defined eyebrow can frame your eyes and make your face glow. This brow powder by clean beauty brand RMS is made with cocoa seed butter, ethically sourced mica, and mica to give it a subtle sheen. Apply the powder to a brow brush and follow each eyebrow’s natural arch. Mix the powder with water to create a more intense effect. You don’t own a brow tool? Try RMS Beauty’s Back2Brow Brush.

Bonus product: Do your eyebrows look sparse or undernourished? neuBROW Profession(tm) Brow Enriching Serum from Skin Research Laboratories (r) can make your eyebrows appear thicker, darker, and more defined with five powerful polypeptides.

Dr. Hauschka Eye Definer

When you apply eyeliner pencils that have a hard texture, they can cause redness and watering. This Dr. Hauschka eyeliner has a smooth surface that allows it to glide easily along your lash line. Shea butter, Anthyllis flowering plants, and quince wax are botanicals that help to create a smooth, even finish. Mineral pigments provide seven different colors, ranging from dusty purple to taupe to dark navy.

Pro tip: Sharpen the eyeliner pencils before every use to avoid bacteria getting near your eyes.

Colorescience Mascara 

Mascara can be a difficult product to choose if you have a sensitive eye. Some waterproof formulas have toxic ingredients that irritate. Some non-waterproof recipes flake or smudge, which can also be irritating. Colorescience’s volumizing mascara is waterproof, smudge-proof, and contains no fragrance, harsh chemicals, or parabens. The mascara includes peptides that protect your eyelashes against future breakage.

Bonus product: Want to appear longer lashes with no makeup? neuLASH Professional(tm), Lash Enhancing serum by Skin Research Laboratories (r), is gentle on the eyelashes and can be irritating.


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