What does fine vs. thick hair mean

You may have thin or fine Hair or both. Although these two hair types are similar, they can be treated differently. We’ll tell you everything there is to know about thin Hair and fine Hair.

What is the difference between fine and thin Hair?

Can you have fine Hair and thin Hair?

What are the best hair products for fine Hair?

What is the best product for thin or thinning Hair?

Difference between fine and thin Hair

When you hear that your Hair has a fine texture, it’s because that is what the term means. The texture is the difference in diameter between each hair strand. It can range from fine to coarse.

 Measures the density of your Hair. The number of strands per square inch of your head measures the thickness of your hair. Hair density ranges from thin (fewer hairs per inch square) to thick (many hairs per inch square). The Hair can be naturally thin or become leaner due to hair loss. This is called thinning Hair.

Can you have fine and thin Hair?

Because the terms “fine” and “thin” describe two different characteristics–texture and density–your Hair can be both, neither, or one or the other. Your Hair can, for example, be both thin and fine (small-diameter hair strands). You can also have fine Hair that is thick or coarser Hair which is thinning.

Best products for thin and fine Hair

Joel Schlessinger, CEO of LovelySkin and board-certified dermatologist, says that fine Hair is genetic. You can temporarily increase the volume of fine Hair, which is a problem because it tends to be thin.

For fine Hair, volumizing shampoos, conditioners, and thickening styling products are the best. They will give your hair more body and volume and make it look less fine. Avoid styling products that have a heavy texture, as they can weigh down fine Hair and make it appear limp.

You may also notice that your Hair lacks volume if you have thin Hair. The same products you would use to enhance fine or thinning Hair, such as volumizing shampoos and stylers that thicken Hair, could also be helpful for thin Hair. You might consider using oral supplements or scalp oils to help grow your Hair if you notice that it is not as thick as before.

Try a hair fiber product if you notice that your Hair is thinned and your scalp has become visible. These hair care products are available in powder or spray forms and contain keratin fibers or cotton fibers. They work by adhering to the roots near the scalp to give the appearance of thicker Hair. Dr. Schlessinger says that fiber products can help thicken Hair the same way concealer can cover dark circles under the eyes. They don’t reduce hair thinning but act as makeup to camouflage bald patches temporarily until you wash them out.


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