Waves is a bespoke treatment

We do not believe in treatment plans. There is no such thing as a common skin type or condition. Waves Skin Therapy offers bespoke treatments that are tailored to you and your skin. Our treatments use cosmeceutical and clinically proven products and devices to achieve your skin goals.

A New Client Consultation can be booked as a stand-alone appointment or in conjunction with a treatment. We will create a bespoke plan of medicine once we have gathered information about your skin and you. We offer five different levels of facial treatments and will let you know which one is best for your skin. Each time you come in, we will create a unique treatment for your skin based on its needs. We don’t follow a set protocol, so we can create multiple combinations that will give you outstanding results.

We have carefully selected, tested, and approved everything we recommend. Our skincare products are clinically tested, non-invasive, science-based, cosmeceutical, and of high quality. These products do not contain harsh chemicals, toxins, or perfumes that could cause irritation and disrupt the skin’s protective barrier. All of our advanced treatment modalities, including Dermalux LED and SYNERGIE skin & Clinicare peels, as well as DMK Enzyme therapy, have been clinically tested.

We care deeply about the health of your skin and what it can do to you. We are so pleased when we help you improve the health and condition of your skin. It’s not difficult to find the best treatments and skincare. They need to suit your skin type, as there are no two alike. Skincare and treatments that are applied in a blanket manner can be ineffective. Whatever combination we choose for you, it will help to kickstart or extend your journey towards permanent good skin.


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