Watch this video on how to apply foundation with a Pulsaderm buddy

Many people are unaware that the Pulsaderm Buddy can be used to apply makeup. The Pulsaderm Makeup Sponge attachment allows for a more even and smooth foundation application. Our LovelySkin Aesthetician, Kristen, shows you how to apply liquid makeup with your Pulsaderm buddy. Follow each step to simplify makeup.

Attach the makeup sponge to your Pulsaderm buddy by pressing or pushing it on the device. Never pull or twist the device, as it could cause damage to both the sponge and the device. Place a small amount of liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream on the backside of your hand. Pulsaderm is used to pick up product.

Apply foundation by running the device on your face at yoproductsen speed. Start with the brush at the center of the beginning, and then work outwards. As needed, add more foundation to the Pulsaderm to get the coverage you desire. While using the device, avoid harsh lines by blending into the neck region.

Try dampening your sponge before applying foundation if you want a lighter coverage. The sponge will not absorb too much makeup, resulting in a heavy look. To cover up any problem areas, you can apply foundation directly onto your skin either before or after using Buddy.

As with any other tool, taking care of your Makeup Sponge properly will make it last longer. Wash the sponge every week along with your other brushes. To keep the sponge clean, use mild soap and warm water or brush cleaners. Let it air dry before reusing. If you apply makeup with your Pulsaderm Buddy often, it is a good idea for best results to replace your Makeup Sponge at least every two to three months.


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