This video tutorial from LovelySkin shows you how to fake fuller lips.

With the right technique, you can create the appearance of fuller lips. Follow Kristen, LovelySkin’s Aesthetician, as she shows you how to get a lip look that is pumped up using some of our favorite products on

Begin by moisturizing. This will not only increase the volume of lips by adding plumping moisture, but it will also create a smooth surface for color. FixMySkin healing lip balm unflavored with 1% hydrocortisone is our favorite. The balm is also available in vanilla. It contains 1% Hydrocortisone and nourishing shea butter and cocoa to soften and repair your lips.

Then, choose a lip liner that is close to your normal lip color. Lip liner is essential since we will be drawing outside of our natural lip lines to create a fuller lip. The natural look can be achieved by choosing a color that complements your lips. Kristen uses Youngblood Lipliner Pencil Au Naturel.

Draw along the outer edge of your lip line. Be careful not to go too far. For an everyday look, most of us only draw inside the lip line. Imagine drawing the same line thickness you would normally use, just outside your lip line. After you have lined your lips with lip liner, fill in any remaining space.

You should already be able to see a difference in the size of your lips. It’s now time to add some color. You can choose any lipstick or crayon color. It’s important that you feel confident. Kristen uses the Jane Iredale PlayOn Lip Crayon, which is one of our latest products. We love the Youngblood Lipstick and Glo Minerals Cream Glaze Crayons. Use a lip brush like Jane Iredale Retractable Lip Brush to apply the color more precisely.

You’re done! Now you’re ready for your new plump lips!

Do you have a question on how to create the illusion of a larger lip? Please let us know what you think in the comments.


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