These are five must-have clean makeup looks for the festive season!

This festive season, you should try these makeup looks!

Diwali is fast approaching! Between all the preparations and the excitement of finally visiting friends and family, make sure to look like a million dollars. Let us know if you want to look and feel your best this Diwali!

These fun makeup looks will take you far from your home. These beauty tricks will help you shine through Diwali.

Five of the most striking festive looks were scanned by us. Take notes, and let us get down to the details of each look.

You can rock the look with no-makeup makeup!

It seems strange that we would like to use makeup that doesn’t look like we are wearing it. We think so. Makeup is a tool to express yourself; you can use it however you like. The 2020-sponsored existential beauty crisis aside. Off-duty models no makeup vibes are here to stay.

Start by doing some skin preparation. To ensure your skin is soft and moisturized, apply a hydrating mask to your face before you apply makeup.

Primer is the best primer to create a smooth foundation! For this look, avoid thick foundations that provide full coverage. Instead, choose a compact or natural foundation based on your skin type. Tinted moisturizers such as BB or CC creams can give your skin extra hydration while allowing your freckles, redness, and imperfections to shine through.

Use a light, hydrating concealer if you don’t want to expose your dark circles or blemishes. If you don’t have a blending tool, blend the concealer with your fingers. The warmth of your skin helps the product blend in. Apply blush to the apples and bridge of your nose. Add a highlighter. These highlighters enhance the beauty of your face and can be used even without a blush to complete an look. Add a nude lip color to complete the look. Kiro recommends Nutmeg Nude to our dusky beauties, and Sandy Mauve to those with lighter skin colors in the Non Stop Airy Matte Lip range.

A nice touch to your cheekbones can make your face appear natural and glowing.

Natural-looking makeup is something that looks so natural while still adding refinement.

Let’s make your blush pop with the right makeup!

Blush will always be our cherry-on top when it comes makeup. With just one product, you can create a flawless makeup look. Blush is makeup minimalism at its finest and, dare we say, prettiest.

If you thought blush was only for your cheeks, start by dabbing your apples. Next, apply the blush to your cheeks. Then, spread the colour lightly under your eyes.

This blush look sits below the cheekbones giving you that truly flustered-in-a-cute-but-not-sweaty-way look. A cream blush can be applied to your cheeks using your fingers. This will help keep the colour bright.

Perfect your Pout!

Let us face it, we all have our faults! Everyone can’t have a flawless pout. These clever beauty tricks will make you look great.

Lips that are dry and cracked are the enemy of your pout. Exfoliating your lips is a must before you apply any products to them.

If you want to line your lips with lipstick, use a lipstick liner. You can choose a bright color from our lipstick range (Kiro recommends Ladybird Red if you have a dark skin tone, and Scarlet Poppy for those with a light complexion). After it dries, spread it on your lips. Now you have a picture-perfect pout!

Be empathetic with a simple but sophisticated look

It can be difficult to know how much ethnic makeup is too much. It is important to keep your makeup manageable and manageable for your look.

We suggest choosing a subtle Kiro lipstick (Kiro suggests the Tropical Fuschia in our Non-Stop Matte Liquid Lip), and not skipping the Kiro All-day Comfort Kajal. We also recommend adding a matching bindi and balancing the look with our Hi-Def Soothing eyeliner pencil. That’s it. Now you and your makeup can be festive!

We wish you fun-filled celebrations filled with good spirits, but remember to bring your mask and hand sanitizers wherever you go. Safety first! Enjoy a happy and safe holiday season!

Smoky eyes are foolproof!

Now is the perfect time to try the black smokey eyes look!

It’s not easy to look like a panda while wearing smokey eye makeup. What’s the clincher? The clincher? Blending.

This is a trickier task than we think. Our all-new Kiro Eye Collection will give you the perfect finish. Here are some tips to achieve a stunning smokey eye look.

Could you keep it simple? To pop your eyes, use no more than two of Kiro’s Long Wear Brightening eyeshadow sticks or Kiro’s all-day comfort Kajal. Blend your friend. How well you blend the shadow and kajal does not matter to create a smokey look. It’s that which gives it its stunningly glamorous look.


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