The PureBrow Sensation

At Jane Iredale, the brand is famous for its ability to transcend trending fashions and social media fashions. We’re known as the Skincare Makeup, and we’ve often been credited with our products for the skin rather than their color-related stories. The introduction to the market of our NEW PureBrow Collection has caused quite a stir among our customers as well as makeup artists. What’s the reason why this collection is creating such a stir? The answer is easy. We’ve yet again combined the simplicity and efficiency of technology in a way only Jane Iredale can achieve. This is the best method to create, contour, and manage your brows in a way you’ve never experienced before. Let’s discuss this incredible new collection of brow-enhancing products!


The PureBrow Precision Pencil is an adjustable brow pencil that features an ultra-fine tip to define the eyebrows. It is able to draw individual hairs onto the brows or draw defined lines that can blend effortlessly. This results in a hairline beautifully illustrated but not drawn upon. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to fix a brow that is sagging or hair that is missing. It’s ideal to make that perfect eyebrow tail.


This PureBrow Shape Pencil can also be retractable but with a more substantial wedge-shaped shape that lets you fill in the brows or create an attractively finished brow that has uniform depth and color. It is able to fill brows fast and frame brows to give them an even, smooth appearance. It’s the ideal tool for those with weak brows or the desire to achieve a perfect eyebrow that is opaque.


It is the PureBrow Gel is an upgrade to our eyebrow gel. It comes with a smaller, more compact, and more precise spoolie to ensure exact product placement and effortless mixing. It is able to brush your brows the way you would like them to be and also keep them in place to last longer. It’s great as a stand-alone product or when used in conjunction with other eyebrow tools. The product is also available in a transparent formula that has no pigmentation. It’s an excellent option for people who have unruly eyebrows, grey hair in the brows that want to be covered, or for a more natural appearance.


We know that many people enjoy using a variety of tools to create brows, so we set out to design an instrument that is compatible and interchangeable. So, we came up with the same shade range throughout the entire collection. That means If you love our brow gel Neutral Blonde, it is possible to purchase this Precision Pencil or Shaping Pencil with the exact shade for a uniform appearance.

PureBrow Formulas 

In keeping with Jane Iredale’s goal to utilize the best quality and clean formula, we’ve created our PureBrow products using a wide variety of ingredients.

For both our Precision Pencils and Shaping Pencils:

Vitamin C can help keep brow hairs from falling off and becoming lost.

Vitamin E can provide antioxidant protection and also coat the brows to ensure healthy hair and skin.

For the PureBrow Gel:

Algae Extract – used to coat hairs to make them more smooth and easier to manage.

Meadowfoam Seed Extract moisturizes the hair to give it more manageability and stop future breakage.

And, as usual, we’ve left out irritating substances and toxic substances like parabens, petroleum, and phthalates.

The PureBrow Eyebrow Makeup Look –

At present, we’re getting a more full-faced and attractively groomed appearance. This can be achieved with a few easy steps:

Make sure your eyebrows are free of makeup and do not have any products or oil on them. Some experts will clean eyebrows using the use of a cotton swab, the spoolie, and astringents to eliminate any natural oils that are present in the eyebrows. This gives the brows the ability to hold on to the products that you apply.

Suppose you are filling in thin brows or making them appear thicker; start by applying your pencils to add pigment to the skin between your brows. Smoothly blend the pencil to conceal any strokes to make your brows appear larger or more robust.

Please make use of the PureBrow Gel to make the eyebrows move in the direction you want them to go. Straight brushing them up and then blending them in the order they expand is a common procedure. Remember that initially, the gel will appear flexible, and the hold won’t appear to be obvious. However, as the gel starts to dry out, you’ll see more storage. For a dramatic lift to your brows, three or more layers of gel can be employed. Some artists begin with clear gels and later apply a colored gel or vice reverse.

Apply the finish using the edges part of the camouflage brush to apply a light coat of our concealer with active light on the skin above and below the brows to define the demarcation line and help them stand out. Blend the edges.

For more information on how to apply eyebrow makeup, read our step-by-step instructions: How to Shape and Define Your Eyebrows Like a Pro.

As trends change and recur the same direction, a fascinating thing occurs. Many who tweezed out their brows in the past want to get the same brows later. People who had their brows tweezed out in the 1960s and 90s are seeking out fuller, thicker brows to keep up with the latest fashion. This is where having a great selection of eyebrow makeup and tools is essential.


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