Spring Makeup: Bold vs. Bold vs. Soft Makeup

Spring is the best time to update your makeup. You can either make a statement with vibrant colors or soft, elegant looks inspired by roses. Some of these looks are perfect for everyday wear, while others are more daring. I hope that they encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, experiment with makeup, and create your signature spring look.

Apply your favorite Foundation.

Use the Eye Shadow Brush to apply Dusk PurPressed Eye Shadow over your entire eyelid.

Line your upper lash line using Espresso Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner. Start at the inner corner and extend outwards in a slight “wing.”

To brighten the eye, line the inner corners of your eyes using White Pencil.

Use PureLash Conditioner and Extender.

Apply PureLash Mascara only to the top lashes.

Apply Barely Rose Purified Blush using the White fan brush.

Fill in the lips using Lip Definer in rose.

Apply PureMoist LipStick over the lip liner.

Finish with Candy Rose PureGloss lip gloss.

Rose-Inspired Evening Makeup

Apply your favorite Foundation.

Use the eye shader brush to apply the medium shade of Khaki Kraze Triple PurePressed Eye Shadow.

Apply the lightest shade of the triple using the same brush to your brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.

Use the eye shader brush to add the darkest color of the triple to the outer corner and crease.

Use the dark side to line your upper and lower lash lines with Dark Topaz Mystikol.

Line your inner rim with the highlighter from the Dark Topaz Mystikol.

Use Longest Lashes Mascara on your top lashes.

Apply Barely Rose Purified Blush using the White fan brush.

Use PureMoist LipStick to apply Rose over the lip liner.

Finish with Candy Rose PureGloss lip gloss.

Purple eyes with a beautiful pout

Use the Handi Brush to apply your chosen shade of Purified Base.

Spritz with hydration spray.

Apply Ice using the Deluxe Shader brush from your lashline to your eyebrow.

Apply Mittens using the same brush to your entire lid.

Apply PureGloss on your lips to complete the look.

Just bitten lips

Use the Refill Me Refillable Brush to apply your shade of Incredible Base.

Hydration spray.

Use the Brow gel to shape and thicken eyebrows.

Use Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain to finish your lips and cheeks.


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