Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Routine

Spring is the best time to clean up, remove cobwebs and begin anew. You might be cleaning your home or yard, but don’t forget to clean your makeup. It is essential to keep your makeup fresh and in good working order so that it can perform well and provide the best benefits for skincare. It’s also a great time to try out new products. Here are some tips to help you spring-clean your makeup bag.

The period after Opening (PAO) dates are found on nearly every beauty product. The PAO symbol is a jar that has a number in it. The number represents the number of months that your product will be at its peak effectiveness after opening. If your PurePressed base doesn’t look or smell different and continues to perform the same as before, then you can continue to use it. Minerals are inert so that they won’t expire. Check your makeup products to spring-clean your look. It might be time to buy a new favorite! PRO TIP: We put stickers on our latest products to mark the date we opened them. This helps us keep track of their performance.

Brushes should be cleaned regularly.

It is important to clean your brushes regularly. This will ensure that your makeup applies well and that your skin remains clear. Botanical Brush Cleaner is a great option for quick spot cleaning. The cleaner can be sprayed onto a paper towel and then gently rubbed into the brush to remove any product buildup. While this cleaner works well for spot cleaning (especially with our Vegan makeup brushes that have animal-free encounters), it is important to also deep clean brushes every week. You can use mild soap and warm water to wash your brush. This will ensure that any makeup residue is removed. Learn how to clean your makeup brushes by reading this article.

Try Something New

Try something new this spring. You may have already decided to discard some of your favorites if you checked the Period After Opening date on your products. Now is the time to try out those new products, trends, or shades you’ve been eyeing since winter. You can see how our makeup looks on your face using our makeover room. This interactive tool allows you to test out our products on your computer or mobile phone by uploading a photo of yourself. The app will enable you to save looks and make purchases directly from the app. It’s a great way to find out what products work best for you.


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