The beauty world has taken notice of this new trend: green eye makeup. We’re in love with celebrities who have gorgeous shades of green in their eyes, from olive to emerald. It’s the color green that is replacing your dark-smokey eyes and mod black liner. How do you achieve this? Scroll down for five stunning eye looks and tips on how to apply green smokey eyes.

The Basics of Smokey Green Eyemakeup

The stunning, versatile and beautiful smokey green eye makeup looks can be used for almost any occasion. These eye makeup looks can be used to add color to neutral outfits or complement green dresses. Blending different shades of green creates depth and dimension. This is how you achieve a smokey-eye look. To create a dramatic effect, you can add some black or grey. You can create a stunning green smokey eye with practice and the right products.

Try Smokey Green Eye makeup

Are you curious to find out more about these green smokey eyes makeup looks? Continue reading to find out step-by-step how green smokey eye makeup looks.

Smoky, classic green eyes

This look can create a smokey effect by mixing light and dark greens. This look can be worn at any occasion, and can be dressed up/down depending on your personal preference.

Tips for creating the look

Blend a dark eyeshadow such as forest green into your crease, along the lower lash line, and then apply a lighter eyeshadow such as olive green to the eyelid. Blend the colors with a blending tool to create a seamless transition. For a dramatic effect, you can add a little black eyeshadow to your outer corner. The Lakme 9to5 eye color quartet Eye Shadow – Smokey Glam is the perfect palette for achieving this classic smokey look.

Glittery, smokey green

The classic, smokey green look is enhanced with glittery green eyeshadow. Apply the dark green eyeshadow as a base and then apply the glittery shadow to the inner corners of the eyes, eyelids, and outer corner. This look is great for special events or parties.

Tips for creating the look

Apply dark eyeshadow to create glittery green eyes. Apply a glittery eyeshadow to your inner, eyelid, and outer corners. To finish, use a blending brush and black eyeliner. The Lakme 9-5 Eye Quartet – Royal Peacock can create this stunning look.

The olive smokey look

This look gives off a subtle, everyday smokey vibe with shades of olive green. The light olive green will be applied to your eyelids, and the darker olive green will be used to your crease. This look is great for everyday wear and is easy to achieve.

Tips for creating the look

Apply a light olive green eyeshadow to your eyelids and blend it with a blending tool. This will give you a more everyday, subtle look. Apply a darker olive-green eyeshadow along the lower lashline and to the crease. Black mascara is a great finishing touch to the look. You can create this look easily with the Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette Midnight Magic, which has beautiful olive-green shades.

Green cut crease

Make a statement with your eye makeup! This green cut-crease look is for you. This look involves creating a line on your eyelids with a contrast green eyeshadow.

How to create the look

Use light green eyeshadow to highlight your eyes. Then, use dark green eyeshadow to create a crease. Apply mascara and eyeliner. Use the Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette Coral Sunset to achieve the perfect look. This palette contains rich, intense colours that will help you create the perfect crease.

Eyeliner with green winged design

This look is dominated by the winged liner, which creates a bold and dramatic look . This look can be worn for special occasions or night outs.

Tips for creating the look

Apply dark green eyeshadow to the eyelids and along the lower eyelash line. Apply eyeliner to make a winged line. Finish the look with a thick coat mascara. This Lakme Absolute shine line eyeliner in Sparkling Olive will give you the perfect look. It is easy to use and provides a deep, rich colour.

How can I create a smokey effect by mixing different shades of green eyeshadow?

Blending different shades of green eyeshadow to create a smokey effect is possible with a blending brush. Begin with a darker shade for the crease and lower eyeliner, then blend in a lighter color on the lid. Blend the two colors together with the blending brush and you will have a seamless transition.

Are there any common green eyeshadows you can use to make smokey eye makeup?

Common green eyeshadows can be used to make smokey eye makeup. They include olive, teal, and emerald.

How can I ensure my smokey eye makeup stays on all day?

Make sure you use a high quality primer before applying your eyeshadow to ensure your smokey eye makeup lasts all day. This will keep your eyeshadow in place and help prevent creasing. You can also use a setting spray for makeup to stay put.


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