Reuse Empty Makeup Containers

We thought that Earth Day was the perfect opportunity to share some creative upcycling ideas. Our products are created with the environment, and many are ECOCERT certified (Hydration sprays, BeautyPrep face cleanser, and Facial Toner). We thought that we would go one step further and show you some innovative and new ways to reuse and upcycle our makeup and skincare packaging. After using our products, many of our employees end up with empty containers. Our employees have come up with some great (and practical) upcycling suggestions for you.

You can upcycle and recycle your empty makeup containers into travel-friendly containers.

Use our Amazing base Loose mineral powder containers for your body wash, shampoo, and conditioner when traveling.

Use an empty 24 Karat Gold Dust or Mystikol powdered eyeliner for your studs or necklaces. This will keep them untangled and safe in your luggage.

Try upcycling empty smooth affairs for eye containers to hold eye creams, face creams, or supplements on the go. They’re perfect sizes, and they’re also pretty!

Have you got an empty Spray Hydration Bottle? Fill it up with hairspray to make application on the go easy. We also offer refill sizes for Hydration Sprays.

Store bobby pins in an empty LipDrink Lip Balm container. This is the perfect size to fit in your purse. You won’t find bobby pins scattered around your bag.

Use an empty, Compact, Refillable container to store a small sewing kit.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme skin care supplement canisters have a 100% recycling rate. However, if you like the designs, we’ve got some suggestions:

Make a hole at the bottom of an empty Skincare supplement canister to drain the water, and then fill it with the plant you like!

Try reusing the empty Skincare Supplements container as a pencil or brush holder if you don’t have a green thumb.

How to dispose of old makeup & empty makeup containers

If you run out of lipstick, melt it and pour it into a Mystikol Eyeliner Pot. The built-in brush makes it perfect for application on the go. Just remember to clean your brush before applying lipstick. You can also use the empty container for bobby pins to keep them in your purse.

It will help you apply Tantasia evenly and keep your hands clean.

Are you more of a stain person or a glossy person? Mix and match the ends of Lip Fixation Lip Stain/Gloss to have all your favorite colors and finishes available.

Use an empty Face Toner for nail polish remover. It is easy to dispense just the right amount of remover with the pump.


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