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Cordelia Gapare was diagnosed with breast carcinoma in 2014 and invented the Eylure London C-Lash.

“I was mentally prepared to lose my hair, but I did not expect my eyelashes to fall out. No one had told me. ”

Eyelash loss may not be as obvious as hair loss on the head, but it is still emotionally devastating. ”

Eyelashes are needed for many reasons. ”

There are not many false eyelashes that are designed with chemotherapy and eyelash loss in mind. Below, we have listed the most effective and safest eyelash treatments and procedures for chemotherapy patients.

The traditional false eyelashes that are glued onto a strip may not be the worst option for those who have lost their eyelashes. Still, Meyers says that wearing them can be uncomfortable or irritating. ”

You will also need to practice and spend time to get the best results with glue-on strip lashes. Before you wear false lashes, Meyers suggests that you consult your doctor. Once your doctor has approved the use, Meyers recommends that you test the glue first on your arm to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction.

There are no specific lashes that you should avoid. However, I recommend choosing lashes that are lightweight, clean, and completely dry. Some examples are Ardell Natural #110 by Velour, Mini Me No-Trim Lashes by Velour, and Kiss Lash Little Black Dress Faux Mink lashes.

It would be best if you used a hypoallergenic adhesive. Ardell’s 2-in-1 Duo Brush-On Striplash Adhesive¬†has a thin application brush to give you complete control over the glue placement.

“As long as no glue gets into your eyes, it’s safe to use glue strips,” Haberman advises. If you haven’t used glue before, you should test it on another part of your body to ensure you aren’t allergic.

Remove the lashes as soon as you feel any irritation, says Meyers. Wash the area thoroughly, particularly if there are any remnants left of the lash glue.

New technologies offer better options.

C-Lashes are the first-ever false lashes of their kind. They come in three styles: Volume, Lengthening, and Natural. The lashes are attached to a transparent, thick base.

The frame is thicker and offsets the weight of the eyelash. It stays in place. ”

C-Lashes are easier to apply than glue-on false lashes. Peel the sticky base off, align them with your lashline, and stick them right there. Every set comes with a tube of additional adhesive, so you can use them a few times before throwing them out.

Avoid eyelash extensions, mascara, and other cosmetics

It’s tempting to enhance your eyelashes as soon as they begin to grow again. But, according to Meyers and Haberman, this is not the best thing to do because you are likely to be more sensitive to them than before.

Meyers says that extensions are rarely used on chemotherapy patients because the remaining eyelashes can be fragile and more breakable. “Putting them on can encourage further loss.” Haberman explains that “lash extension can cause traction-alopecia — loss of eyelashes due to the weight of the extensions. ”

The waterline is where the Meibomian glands, which secrete oils onto the surface and are essential to the tear film, are located. ”

An open tube of mascara may contain bacteria, according to Meyers.

If you have some hairs left or your lashes are growing back, Haberman suggests applying Latisse to encourage growth and thickening over time. It is important that it only be used on the hairs because application along the lashline could result in Hyperpigmentation.

You can still draw attention to the eyes even if you don’t have natural eyelashes with eyeshadows and eyeliners. Meyers explains. Be sure to keep away from your waterline and test these products on your arm to ensure they won’t cause an allergic reaction.

Patients can emotionally process treatment by having difficult conversations with their doctor about hair loss, the timing of the hair loss, and the possible regrowth. If Meyers had one piece of advice, it would be to remain strong throughout the process.

She says that it is important to manage patient expectations and to emphasize that hair loss doesn’t mean that you have lost your beauty or your identity. I always stress that the hair will grow back but that this can be an emotional and difficult time. ”

Losing your natural eyelashes can be a difficult experience — both physically and mentally. But there are options.

Gapare told Allure that getting your lashes re-tied can make all the difference. It’s the difference between staying home and feeling lonely and going out to meet your friends because you look and feel great. “


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