New Year, New Skincare Ritual: Your 2022 Beauty Routine Checklist

It’s the most amazing season again! It is a new year and a fresh start, with new advertisements from weight loss businesses as well as new and difficult-to-follow wellness routines… If you’re like me, you’re hoping to take advantage of the year ahead to revamp your way but also remain practical and realistic. It’s my goal to actually would like to keep my New Resolutions for the New Year! Therefore, I’ve added a couple of steps to my routine for beauty to improve my health and skincare routines, but without stretching too far outside of my comfort zone.

Wear Sunscreen Everyday

I’m sure you’ve heard before, like me, but it’s essential to apply sunscreen throughout the day, even in winter months. As Jane always states, it’s the single most effective anti-aging method you can follow! For me, it’s a blessing that (and hopefully for you!) all of our foundations have SPF, so including this step in my skincare routine for the coming year shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll mix in the Fantasy Tint-tinted moisturizer and finish it off with a tsp of PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, and then I’ll be able to cross this goal from my to-do list.

Drink More Water

I’m a great water drinker during the week; however, on weekends, I suddenly become a camel that drinks 2 cups of water per day and isn’t able to understand the reason why her lips have become chapped! In order to drink more water over the weekend, I’m planning to purchase an all-new water bottle that is reusable and bring it along in my bag. In the end, since I take my phone between rooms. So why not add a bottle of water in the same mix? Hydrating the skin internally is the primary part of a skincare routine that is designed to combat dry skin.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I’m not good at taking care of my makeup brush. I’m aware of the need to clean them every week, but I typically find myself doing it only every quarter. It’s not good, I am aware. Therefore, beginning in January, I’m planning to take advantage of the time of my Sunday afternoons on TV as a great opportunity to clean the makeup brushes. If you’d rather wash them in a bowl with soapy water or in the sink in your bathroom, turning on your favorite TV show will make the process much more enjoyable. And your skin will be grateful!

Add Supplements to Your Routine

I’m blessed to work for a business that offers the type of supplements I’m seeking: focused on skin, safe for the environment, and simple to use. The Skincare Supplements provided by the Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP) are created with skincare in mind. They are made with sustainable ingredients and are supplied in recyclable canisters. I’ve tried to take my skincare supplements at the beginning of the day. However, I’m not a morning person, and I often fail to remember to take these supplements. This year, I’m going to switch to a supplement regimen for nighttime by taking them in the evening after dinner. I’m planning to get the capsules out when I’m preparing dinner and place them on my table so that I don’t lose them.

I hope your year is started on the right foot by incorporating a few of these resolutions into your daily skincare and beauty routine. I’ll certainly do my best to live better with these easy-to-follow resolutions.


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