Nature’s perfect look is 100% herbal Kajal, which is smudge-proof.

India has a long tradition of using natural ingredients in beauty products. Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old Indian science, covers all aspects of life, including beauty. It stresses the importance of connecting the mind, body, and soul. Natural products can also promote health, proving that beauty does not come from the outside.

The cosmetic industry boomed and convinced many people that synthetic chemicals can be as safe as natural ones. The sector suffered a severe blow in recent years due to introduction of toxic and untested synthetic chemicals. Many of the most popular ingredients proved to be dangerous in the long term. The increased awareness by customers about the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals in beauty products has led to a rise in demand for herbal cosmetics that contain no synthetic chemicals. To increase their client base, cosmetic companies are acquiring natural beauty and personal-care brands to expand their customer base.

Finding a 100% herbal product was difficult because many companies used the term “natural” without certifying that it was genuinely natural or clinically tested. The era of “Key ingredients” was born. A few natural ingredients are listed here, while the rest will remain secret. Farmherbs has India’s first 100% herbal beauty products and baby products that have been dermatologically tested. Farmherbs’ first product in this line is Smudge-proof 100%, Herbal Kajal.

Science of Wellbeing

Farmherbs’ R&D team recognized that the key to discovering the next great revolution in beauty is finding plant molecules that are more effective than synthetic ones. The idea was elevated to a new level by the decision to use makeup that is good for the skin and not degenerates it. The 100% herbal Kajal, smudge-proof, is also good for the eyes and eyelashes. You get the best of all!

Kajal was the first cosmetic product most women used to improve the appearance of their eyes. Even as a baby, Kajal may have been the first cosmetic product most people used as babies. Kajal can be traced back to Cleopatra and other famous figures. Kajal was made at home using vegetable oil, camphor, and ghee. Kajal was also made from different natural ingredients. All of these were smudged by their sticky and humid nature. This was when synthetic Kajal was developed, which contains compounds like galena, minium, and zincite.

Ayurveda & Technology

The rich clinical knowledge of Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda doctors has been a great asset throughout our journey. The wisdom of generations of Sreedhareeyam was combined with modern science. Finally, the revolution was realized, a unique process that responds naturally to the all-natural botanical spectrum our people have been searching for. 100% Herbal is more than a name. It promises that we will always be true to this natural well-being.

Your eyes must be well-lined to make your facial makeup complete. Even if you don’t use makeup, a dab or two of kajal can make your eyes look more beautiful and brighter. Farmherbs offers an utterly waterproof kajal. It also retains the product’s natural beauty, nourishing eyes and eyelashes using hand-picked ingredients. As millennials embrace holistic wellness and natural beauty, traditional beauty will be more important in the cosmetic market. India’s first 100 percent herbal Kajal is set to revolutionize the beauty industry. It is loaded with all the virtues and riches of nature.


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