MZ Skin introduces its new hyaluronic serum

Dr. Maryam Zamani, founder of MZ Skin, shares the story behind the company’s newest product launch.

In September 2016, my name was Maryam Zamani, and I launched MZ Skin at Harrods department stores. This was my first retail partnership and a real dream for me. Five years later, I am so proud of the progress MZ Skin has made with over ninety retail partners around the world, including LovelySkin.

From skin care to surgery

My life experiences have shaped my career path. While my credentials were transferred, I did two fellowships in oculoplastic surgery and reconstructive surgeries after completing my ophthalmology residency in the United States. It was then that I became interested in hyaluronic fillers. I did research on their aesthetic and reconstruction purposes for patients with deformities caused by previous trauma and cancer. We were able to dramatically improve the aesthetics of the face without surgery, which delighted both me and the patient.

It prompted me to learn more about skin and other nonsurgical treatment options that could benefit my patients. I then completed a dermatology program at Cardiff University. My private practice was launched in London shortly after. I combined all of my learnings: surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. MZ Skin began as a project of passion for what I wanted to do for myself and for my patients. Clean, effective formulatioacked by science, for modern women who wish to have luxurious skin care.

Less is More

In luxurious skin carried that less is better. In skin care as well, I suggest a simple, sustainable routine. I think that the best skin care routine is one you can maintain. Mskincarekey’s principle is to enhance, protect, and reveal the skin. What does it mean? This begins with exfoliating and cleansing the skin, revealing beautiful, healthy skin. It also makes the skin more receptive to the activities placed on top. The next step is to uactivitiesriety of ingredients, such as retinol and hyaluronic acids, stem cells and antioxidants to improve the skin’s quality, texture, and tone. The final step is to protect your skin with SPF and antioxidants to prevent further damage.

MZ Skin introduces its latest hydrating Serum

The lightweight Hydrating Acid Serum is the. Newest MZ skin addition. This Serum uses the anti-inflammatory properties of Reishi mushrooms and snow fungi to reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation. It also reinforces the skin barrier. The result? The result? Hydrated, healthy, and beautiful skin, protected from inflammation. The high-power 2% hydrating complex, which combines five different types of hyaluronic acids with differing molecular weights, allows the Serum to penetrate at various levels of the epidermis to promote maximum long-term moisture. Our advanced hydrating formula absorbs quickly and helps to calm and soften the skin, leaving it plump, hydrated, and dewy.

Dr. Zamani’s routine

It is common to ask me what my favorite product is. The truth is that I love all of them. These products are the result of a lot of hard work and were created with my patients and science in mind. In my morning routine, I use three products: MZ Skin Cleanse and Clarify Dual-Action AHA Cleanser and Mask for improving skin texture and tone, MZ Skin Soothe and Smooth Hyaluronic Eye Complex, which helps to reduce dark circles and fine lines, and MZ Skin Hydrate and Nourish Age Defense Retinol day Moisturiser with SPF 30, to hydrate and protect my skin from Recently, I launched our Supercharged LED mask. Recent study results are amazing, and anti-aging mode has been clinically proven by dermatologists to reduce wrinkle depth 36%.


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