Lip Tattoo Dior

We returned from California with a few parcels. Today, I am showing you the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo long-wear color tint. The product came in two of my favorite everyday shades, 491 Natural Rosewood – a nude/brown tone, and 761 Natural Cherry, a bright pink/red shade. The formula has already made me a fan. Let me tell you why!

The Dior Lip Tattoo is packaged in the same chic, luxurious, and sleek packaging we use. You want it to look good as well as perform well if you are going to buy Dior. It smells great – minty and sweet like Wilhelmina peppermints. Perfect for summer, sweet but not too sweet.

You can apply the product with a small doe-foot application tool. The formula feels light and smooth and cools the lips. It also moisturizes. The product is transfer-proof after about 20 seconds. It doesn’t dry out; the gloss remains and feels more like a balm-type varnish. The front will stay put, and you can still rub your lips together without becoming grainy. It differs from your typical liquid lipstick but isn’t a stain.

Natural Rosewood is more like a cinnamon stick or nutmeg to me. It’s a little warmer than the average rosewood. It is still versatile, neutral, and flattering for various skin tones. This one was the most effective, applying flawlessly in just one swipe. Although the Dior Lip Tattoo doesn’t stain your lips, it can be removed quickly with a few bites. It’s not a problem, but it’s essential to understand what you can expect from this product.

Natural Cherry is also beautiful! Natural Cherry is also lovely! The glossy, bright color looks great with the shiny finish. Natural Cherry contains some glitter, which I didn’t expect. It’s excellent glitter. You don’t feel it on your lips. Natural Cherry is slightly more uneven than Natural Rosewood, but it’s still not noticeable in real life. It helps to apply a second layer.

Do the kiss test on your back about 20 seconds after applying the lipstick. The only transfer you will notice is the outline of your lips. This is something that most liquid lipsticks also show. It’s a lightweight, moisturizing, and glossy product that delivers impressive results.

The Dior Addict Lip Tattoos will be a favorite of many makeup lovers. These products are similar to the lip tint/gel types popular in Asian beauty. They are quick to apply, easy to reapply, can be used multiple times, look natural and flattering, and last longer than matte liquid lipsticks (which I love). The formula’s patchiness can vary from shade to shade. I have seen reviews, and applying the lipstick directly to the lips is best. A hand or arm swatch will give you different results. These products will not last through meals, and you will be satisfied.


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