Hydrating Makeup Routine for Winter

My skin isn’t at its most beautiful in winter, between the weather and heat, plus the fact that I must be sure to be reminded to drink plenty of water. I awoke in the cold January morning with extremely, very dry skin. (Not the New Year New Me appearance I was hoping for.)

Thankfully, my makeup bag is filled with the skin-nourishing Jane Iredale products needed to rejuvenate my dull winter skin so that I leave my home looking glowing even if I don’t awake that way.

Prepare with Hydrating Skincare

I start by cleansing my face using BeautyPrep(tm) Hyaluronic Serum, then BeautyPrep(TM) Facial Moisturizer to smooth my skin and provide it with an essential boost of Hydration. (I can’t suggest the Hyaluronic Serum highly enough because it helps my skin during the winter months.)

The Skincare Makeup System

Then, I apply the Smooth Affair(r) Brightening Face Primer to minimize my pores and make my makeup last for the entire day.

I’m extremely pale and can easily get sunburned, so foundations with SPF are essential all year long. My most-loved SPF foundation, PurePressed(r) Basis, offers the coverage that I prefer to build yet still allows my skin to breathe.

I generally apply most makeup using my fingertips. However, I prefer using the Handi(TM) Brush to apply PurePressed(r) Base. (Pro-advice from Jane Iredale, educator, apply PurePressed(r) Base using The Handi(TM) Brush using downward strokes that will help the minerals be able to lay flat on the skin.)

This is followed by an instant spray with POMMISST(tm) Hydration Spray to help set the minerals.


Many bronzers look orange on my skin, but this glow Time(tm) Browner Stick with Sizzle blends nicely and gives a soft, contoured appearance.

I apply the Glow Time(r) Blush Stick in Balmy to my cheeks’ apples to add a splash of color. I also use the highlighter golden shade of Moonglow Bronzer Refill over my upper cheekbones.


After applying a light layer of PureBrow(r) Eyebrow Gel with Clearto to reduce my eyebrows, I use the golden highlighter color from Moonglow Bronzer Refill over my eyelids. It’s an excellent multi-tasker. For a more striking eye look, I put some Mystikol(r) to create a bolder look. Dark Topaz.

PureLash(r) Longening Mascara with Jet Black is my favorite mascara because it lengthens my eyelashes and doesn’t create irritation when wearing contacts.


To complete the look, I applied Forever Peach. To finish the look, I use Forever Peach Kissed(r) Lip and Cheek Stain. It effectively soothes my dry winter lips and gives an ethereal red tint (my most-loved). One of the things I like about this line is that Just Kissed tube is that every formula is adapted to your skin’s chemistry, making an individual shade for you.


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