How to Shape Your Eyebrows like a Pro!

Eyebrow Makeup

Your eyebrows can be full or even unruly (hello!) A little eyebrow makeup can do wonders for the look.

You should at least take care of them. When you apply your makeup in the morning, use a Spoolie Brush (it is much more effective than an old toothbrush – I’ve tried both).

The eyebrows will stay in place with a little wax.

Fill in the thin spots on your brows. You can use the brow powders from our GreatShape Eyebrow Kit. Or, you can choose any shade of PurPressed Eye Shadow. Apply the color to the sparse areas of the skin after combing the brows. Apply the color in feathery strokes if the brows need to be lengthened.

PureBrow Brow Gels can color and hold brows in place all in one easy step. Use a small amount of gel at a given time. Smooth using your Deluxe Spoolie Brush.

Pro Brow Tips

Use White (or TaupeEye pencil depending on your skin tone) to color the areas you plan to pluck.

Overplucking can age you!

No eyebrows are perfectly symmetrical. Avoid using stencils as they may make your eyebrows appear unnatural.

Hair and eyebrow colors should be very similar. PureBrow Gelscan alters the color of your eyebrows if desired. If my blonde sister’s brows turn very strawberry-colored, she uses Auburn. Or try the Bitty Brow Kit Blonde.

Try Slate Gray on your eyebrows for silver-haired beauties. If you like powders, then try Slate BrownPurePressed eye shadow.

After you have finished with your eyebrows, let’s learn how to shape them. How to apply eyeshadow flawlessly. Tell me please! What is important to you in terms of maintaining your eyebrows? Do you do it yourself or have them professionally shaped? Do you use eyebrow makeup? Do you use powder or pencil?


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