Chamomile Sanctuary can be found in the West End of Edinburgh.

As I walked down the steps into the relaxation room, I felt the stress of the day begin to melt. I hadn’t even begun my treatment.

My purpose was to experience the new Medik8 Facial. I was able to be among the first to test it. Medik8 believes that great skin starts with vitamin C, vitamin A, and sunscreen. They also use vegan-friendly formulations that are never tested on animals.

Sarah, my therapist, took the time and asked me questions about my skin, my goals, and then selected the right products to make sure I had the best experience. This treatment was a combination of results and relaxation.

Sarah selected a customized mix of deep hydration, platinum facials to ensure my skin was well-treated while I lay on the heated bed. My skin felt clean and fresh after I used a micellar cleanser to wash away all dirt and make-up. Next, I used a lipid balance cleansing cream and calmwise soothing cleanser. My sensitive skin was not irritated by the bamboo micropolish.

The age defying facial oil was then followed by some relaxation time while the bio-cellulose healing mask was applied. The mask leaves the skin glowing with a deeply moisturizing serum. To protect my skin from the harsh climate of the city I was returning to, the treatment included a large dose of vitamin C via the C-Tetra intensive, C-Tetra daily radiance and C-Tetra eye.

Sarah was very kind and willing to discuss my sensitive skin concerns with me. She made me feel comfortable throughout my treatment.

Although I wanted to go back to the relaxation room, but I knew I had to return the office, I reluctantly climbed the stairs to re-enter the real world. I felt energized and happy to be there.


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