How to Get Full, Flirty Lashes

There is nothing better to complete a makeup look than full, flirty lashes. LovelySkin offers products that will meet your needs, whether you are looking to add a little extra to your face or want to nourish your aging lashes. These eyelash enhancers will take your lashes from average to extraordinary.

Obagi ELASTILash eyelash solution strengthens, protects, and repairs damaged lashes. This eyelash serum contains peptides that nourish and strengthen hair to prevent lashes from falling out and becoming brittle.

RapidLash eyelash conditioner protects, moisturizes, and strengthens weak hair. This serum contains advanced ingredients such as peptides and antioxidants. It also includes vitamins and minerals. This serum also prevents hair from falling out when you remove your makeup.

GloLash Thickener and conditioner promotes healthy eyelash growth and prevents breakage. This lash conditioner coats every hair to give you flirty, full-looking lashes. This lash conditioner can be worn underneath mascara to make eyelashes longer and stronger.

Blinc Lash Primer reinforces thinning eyelashes with hydrating, nourishing ingredients. It prepares lashes for mascara by adding volume and length. This eyelash primer has no fragrance, is dye-free, and is safe for sensitive eyes.

Jane Iredale, The Longest Lash Thickening and lengthening mascara, Conditions, moisturizes and Protects Eyelashes While Adding Serious Volume. The seaweed lipids in this mascara help to prevent hair splitting and breakage. The oversized brush separates lashes and gives them a flirty appearance.

bareMinerals Waterproof Topcoat turns your mascara into a waterproof formula. This topcoat is made with a mineral-rich formulation that helps to lock your makeup. This product will prevent the raccoon eye.


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