Do you want to do something different for Diwali and Christmas? We have curated the top 2022 trends in festival makeup, from face stickers to gold eyeliners to lipsticks.

We are now officially in the second quarter of 2022. It is time to prepare for the festive season. It’s time to get ready for the festival season. Start with Ganpati and Eid, then go shopping for inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you keep it simple to avoid putting on your makeup during Navratri or go all out for a New Year’s Eve party; it’s never too late to start a list of looks you’d like to try this year.

Neon lights

You can wear a black LBD or a simple ethnic dress. Neon-colored eyeshadows can make your eyes stand out in your outfit. You don’t have to commit to neon-colored eyeliner, but you can add some color to your eyes with bling. You can use a floating wing or graphic eyeliner with either yellow or electric-blue eyeliner.

Floral stickers

Flowers don’t always have to be for your hair, but you know that flowers can also be used on the body. You can use vajras to decorate your hair, but you can also use floral stickers or patterns for your eye makeup. You can also use those floral stickers you have kept since childhood and are too sentimental to throw away. If you’re up for the challenge, you can draw some flowers using a thin-tipped eyeliner or brush.

The little mermaid

Do you feel like cosplaying? Draw fish scales on your brow bone and the outside corner of your eyes to transform you into a mermaid. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Simply place a fishnet under your eye to create the fish scale pattern. Then, apply some eyeshadow to it. You can now revel in your instant masterpiece by taking off the stocking.

Contrasting colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You don’t have to stick with the same one-toned or standard winged eyeliner. Try contrasting colors. This vibrant festival makeup look will make you the center of attention. You only need to choose two contrasting colors: blue and orange or green and red. You can create a two-toned look by combining the two colors.

Is it gold?

Let aunties rock their gold bangles and necklaces. You can make your face the most critical part of your look with a blingy eye. The Lakme Eyeliner has a bold winged design with gold glitter. The eyeliner is waterproof and quick-drying, so it won’t get ruined by blinking. It has a strong intensity. If you still need more than the look, you can stick rhinestones around your outer edges for dramatic effect.

All colours of the rainbow

Rainbows are not only for the monsoon and Pride month, but who says they are? You can play with all seven rainbow colours on your eyes. Draw a rainbow with cute little stars and clouds, or make a smokey look by using the light tones in the inner corner and the cool tones under your eyes.

Pop of yellow

The single bright colour pop is the one trend that will not fade from the 70s. A simple yellow wing or small stroke in the inner corner can instantly boost your look. It is easy to do this if you’re a beginner and don’t feel comfortable trying out different shades.

Be a royal

Royalty is always associated with rich shades of purple, red, and navy blue. These colours will make you feel like royalty. These shades will give you a royal look. If you are tired of a smoky look, you can create a smokey effect by applying one color to your lid and another to your crease.

Rhinestones are for the win

Although HBO’s “Euphoria” may have popularized the rhinestone floating liner look, crystal-studded eyelids are a favorite Indian trend during festival season. We love to dot our faces with white and gemstones, from tribal art to Chandan face art for Eastern brides, to Chandan face art. You can do the same with your festival makeup. Use rhinestones in the vicinity of your eyeliner, lash line and eyebrows to keep your makeup simple.

Glitter is your best friend

Highlighting your makeup is another way to make your look more glamorous. You don’t have to use rhinestones. You can go wild with your highlighter and pressed glitter. It can be applied to your brow bone or inner corner of the eye, top of the nose, on your cheekbones, and over your cupid’s bow. Do you still need help finding the right look? You might need body glitter to add some sparkle to your look.

Soft glow

Are glitter and sparkle not your style? Are you worried about wearing too much makeup? Don’t worry. With a simple, soft look, you can still look glamorous. Nude shades will keep your eyes and lips subtle. Make a bold statement by using thick eyeliner on your waterline and kajal.

The Lakme Absolute Lipstick Highlighter will complete your look. It has a radiant finish and won’t make you look oily. It is lightweight but you can build up the intensity to your liking. Apply a small amount of highlighter to your cheekbones for a dewy glow.


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