How to Define and Shape Your Eyebrows Like A Pro

The world of makeup has put the eyebrows at center stage. A full, defined brow looks better than ever. If done correctly, perfectly groomed and shaped eyebrows can instantly lift the eyes. The eyebrows set the eye area up, making eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara stand out. They make your eyes the focal point. Follow these simple steps to achieve perfectly defined eyebrows. Put down the tweezer and take an action back. The tweezers can lead to thin, misshapen eyebrows that require additional work to restore their fullness and beauty. To remove excess hair, tweezing should be done at the end when grooming your eyebrows. We tweeze, not pluck, our eyebrows. Here are our top eyebrow-shaping tips.

How to shape your eyebrows

Everyone’s face is different, and so is their brow shape. What looks great on your friend or favorite celeb may not work for you. You can find the perfect eyebrow shape by following these three simple steps:

For point A, align the flat edge of a straight makeup tool to the outer corner of your nose or the inner corner of your eyes.

You can find your true arch by laying your brush diagonally between your nostril and the outer edge of your eye.

Use your brush to draw a diagonal line from the outside corner of the nose to your outer corner.

What is the best eyebrow shape for your face?

Discover the best way to shape your eyebrows so they complement your face.

Eyebrow shape Round Face: To minimize the curve in a round face, align the outer third of the eyebrow towards the top of your ear.

Brow Shape For a Square Face: If your face is square, you should direct the outer third toward the middle ear. This is the best eyebrow shape for balancing the face.

Brow Shape For a Long Face: Keep the brows straighter across and direct the outer third of the eyebrows above the ear. This shape will help you define your eyebrows and create balance on the face.

Brow Shape For an Oval Face: The oval face is already balanced, but you can enhance the harmony by directing the outer third to the earlobe.

What is the best eyebrow shape for your eye shape?

Let’s now talk about how you can define your eyebrows to complement your eye shape.

Wide Set Eyes: Make sure your inner corners of the brows are close together. Mark the beginning of your eyebrow using the eye pencil Taupe. Make a small mark towards the middle of your nostril. Use all angles to determine the direction and length of your brow.

Close Set Eyes Do not over-tweeze the area between the eyes. This will cause your face to look asymmetrical and affect your eyebrow alignment. You can use the PureBrow Pencil in order to make the arches appear wider.

For Hooded Eye Lids: The ideal brow shape for hooded eyelids is thinner. The eyelids will appear wider and larger. Avoid a heavy, large brow, as it can create the impression that the eye area is being pulled further down.

Deep Set Eyes: The goal is to eliminate any shadows around the entire eye area. Your eyes will appear more set if you have dark eyebrows. Try using a lighter shade of brow and keeping your brows more angular. When the brows have a round shape, it can accentuate dark circles.

For more mature eyes: The trick to getting more mature looks is not to drag the tail end of your eyebrow downward; there’s no need to help gravity. Find your arch. As you reach the end, lift the tail of your eyebrow slightly. This will give the illusion of a younger eye.

How to Define Your Eyebrows

After determining the shape of your eyebrows, use a small amount of Clear pureBrow Brow gel on the hairs to see what’s going on, where to fill in, etc.

Fill in any holes with the PureBrow Shaper Pencil. Fill in sparse spots with the broad end of your pencil, and then define them with the thin end.

To ensure well-defined, clean brows, use the PureBrow Pencil.

You can then tweeze off any excess hairs. You won’t have to worry about over-tweezing.


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