Give your brushes the attention they need! To keep your meetings working longer, clean them and store them neatly. Why compromise on a perfect base? Discover all the secrets and tricks of the pros here.

Your makeup brushes are the foundation of your #glamazon look. They can also pick up germs and bacteria. If your brushes are in their worst condition, don’t throw them out. Wash them instead.

Why clean your makeup brushes?

Honestly, it could be more fun to clean your makeup brushes at home. However, bacteria can be transmitted from dirty makeup brushes to other people. We’re talking about E. Coli, streptococcus, and staphylococcus. Your face could be at risk for irritation and breakouts if your meetings aren’t washed regularly.

Even though you may have the best makeup brushes in the world, they must be cleaned with gunk and dirt to perform better. The strands can become stiff and cause a patchy appearance when used. Unblended concealer, blocked blush zones, and blotchy contours are all big no-nos. Grubby brushes can make application harder as they may need to grasp product pigment.

How often do your makeup brushes get cleaned?

You should quickly wash your brushes if you are constantly putting on makeup. You can also be lazy sometimes, but it’s okay if you don’t—at least once every two weeks. If you notice any makeup residue on your skin or your brushes poke at it, it’s time to clean up immediately.

How to clean makeup brushes: choosing the right products

There are many options for cleaning makeup brushes. Here are the top makeup brush cleaners.

The best makeup brush cleaners

How to clean makeup brushes: #1 Baby shampoo

These gentle cleanser formulas don’t cause any harm. The Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Shampoo is the ideal product.

#2 Makeup brushes cleaning instructions

These products are specially formulated to remove stubborn makeup residue, making them the best option for brush cleaning.

How to clean makeup brushes: #3 Texture cleaning mats

You can use these portable friends with a little toothbrush cleanser and gentle scrubbing.

How to clean your makeup brushes at home

Step 1: Soak the bristles

While running your makeup brush’s bristles under lukewarm, avoid the ferrule or handle.

Step 2: Add cleanser

Use a little makeup brush cleaner on your palm to coat your brush. Then, swirl the brush head gently to ensure all bristles are covered.

Be careful with the handle! The glue that holds the bristles together can melt if submerged in water. You can clean the handle with good wiping. They’ll quickly and neatly remove any dirt or grime.

Step 3: Rinse and rinse.

The bristles should be submerged in water, with the brush head facing down. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the water runs clear.

Step 4: Say goodbye to excess water

Keep the bristles facing down and squeeze out any soapy liquid. This will ensure that your brush hairs are not damaged and maintain their original form and shape.

Step 5: Let air-dry

Lay your makeup brushes flat on a towel. Leave them to dry for six to twelve hours, ideally overnight.

How to dry your brushes and how to store them:

Step 1: Clean your towel

Place your brushes on a towel. Press the meetings into the toweling material to let the water escape!

Step 2: Dry angle

Place the brushes flat on the towel so the bristles hang over the edge. Air must circulate around them to ensure that brushes dry evenly and thoroughly.

You may be excited to use your brushes but you should wait a while. We recommend you wash your brushes before bed and let them dry overnight.

After drying, place your brushes in a mason jar or mug so they can air out. You should ensure that they dry entirely if you have damp hairs. Moisture can cause hairs to become brittle and damage the glue bond, reducing lifespan.

Now that you can quickly clean your makeup brushes, what are your favorite tips and tricks? Comment below to let us know your favorite tips and tricks for cleaning makeup brushes quickly.


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