How to Apply Shimmery Bronzers

We’re sure you’ve heard about our beautiful, shimmery bronzers. These multi-taskers are the best sellers. You can use them on your lips, cheeks, and eyes if you are feeling daring. We are often asked, “which stripes in each bronzer should I apply where?” We asked our experts for the answer. Jane Iredale Global Educators. Let’s talk about our quad bronzers before we give you their application tips. The four shimmery shades each have four color stripes to provide you with a variety of options.

Moonglow Bronzer contains four warm golden shades,

Rose Dawn Bronzer consists of four shades in a cool pink/bronze.

The Sunbeam Bronzer contains four shades of luminous pink/copper.

Peaches and Cream Bronzer combines four warm peachy shades.

Moonglow Bronzer: Where to apply it

Use the darkest color as a bronzer and contour.

The second darkest color can be used both as a blusher and highlighter.

Both the golden and light peachy shades can be used as highlighters.

Rose Dawn Bronzer: Where to apply it

The darkest color can be used both as a bronzer and blush.

If you have a cool toned skin, use the medium cool pink as a highlighter or blush.

If you have a warm toned skin, the medium warm pink can be used to blush.

Use the lightest color as a highlighter.

Sunbeam Bronzer: Where to apply it

If you have lighter skin, use the pink shimmery shade as a blush.

Warm peach is an excellent highlighter.

Contour using the darkest color. This bronzer is beautiful.

Copper is an excellent blush shade for those with darker skin.


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