Glow like the Pro with our Glow Time Pro(tm) Cream for BB Cream

Remember that first moment you attempted a foundation, powder, or concealer. Was it simple? Did the shade match? Or, more importantly, did it seem like an unnatural mask? For me, it was always an issue until I discovered Jane Iredale’s makeup. Nothing is as comfortable as it is on my skin, and when I learned that there was a NEW Glow Time Pro BB Cream, I was ecstatic and curious about the changes to the formula that I already liked. The brand-new Glow Time Pro BB cream is lightweight, skin-loving, and weightless. That is resistant to transfer, nourishes, and shields against sun damage with SPF 25 across 14 shades, which means you don’t have to worry about the makeup falling off.

What Is BB Cream?

Certain BB Creams have tinted moisturizers with added benefits for skin care. However, Our Glow Time Pro BB Cream is much more than the sum of its parts. With moderate to full covering, Glow Time Pro takes liquid foundations to a new level of nourishment while it hides sunspots, blemishes, or discoloration. It also evens the skin complexion. The result? A sparkling, satin-like finish and seamless coverage.

Why Wear a BB Cream vs Foundation?

When it comes to individual preference, Glow Time Pro BB Cream also functions as skincare because of ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil, Apple Extract, and Grapefruit Extract. Each element was selected to provide healthy skin all while you wear your everyday makeup. A BB Cream indeed has buildable coverage, while a foundation may provide full range. I’ll often apply Glow Time, using it as my foundation as well as a concealer, working it in the areas that require some assistance (usually on weekends or when I want to create a fake glow as if I’m taking a vacation).

Color Matching using Glow Time Pro BB Cream

Glow Time Pro BB Cream is available in 14 shades, which help to reveal and match your skin’s tone after being blended. To determine your shade, we suggest you visit your nearest Jane Iredale seller to check your shade or try our easy Formula Finder Quiz. If not, begin by deciding what your complexion is (fair, medium, dark, etc.) and the undertone (cool, warm, neutral, cool. Read more about this below), and then choose which shade is closest to you. The great thing about Glow Time Pro BB Cream is that each shade can be matched to various skin tones.

How do you apply How to apply BB Cream:

Begin by cleansing and moisturizing your skin using Silk Affair Facial Primer

Dot half a pump of BB cream on your face (cheeks forehead, cheeks, and the nose)

Blend quickly (the formula self-sets) using fingertips or a Contour or Blending Brush until the item is not visible anymore

Reveal your radiant complexion! Within 30 seconds, your color will be adjusting to your skin tone, showing your glowing skin.

Set up with a Hydration Spray you like best to ensure long-lasting hydration and lasting power.

Depending on the style you’re going for, try using different Smooth Affair primers! (Illuminating Glow is gorgeous.)

Did you know that you can apply Glow Time Pro BB Cream to hide leg veins? Check out the instructions in our leg makeup guide.

I am excited to see you experience the YOU and the improved Glow Time Pro BB Cream. A tiny amount goes quite a way to keep your skin healthy, well-protected, flawless, and protected. You’ll #GlowLikeAPro in no time!


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