Give Me a mask, and I Will Tell You Instagram

Face masks are having a moment right now. They are instantly recognizable and perfectly fit in with the current skincare, wellness, and self-care trend. I confess that I am on board with this trend and use masks frequently. How did we arrive at this point?

Face masks were always in my knowledge bank. They weren’t a brand discovery when they exploded onto the beauty scene just a few short years ago, but they were only a peripheral thought.

Face masks seemed to be for older women, or those who wore feathered robes and had vaity tables. I have always associated “face masks” with Mrs. Doubtfire, her face covered in cream from a cake.

As a lover of potions and products, it never occurred that I could use a mask or that one was missing from my arsenal. I didn’t think they belonged in my life. If I had to give an opinion, I would say that they are unnecessary and overly indulgent. It’s okay; our ability to grow and change is what makes us humans.

Slowly, I developed a love for face masks. After a stressful work week, I decided to indulge in my first face mask. My roommates were away, but it was the perfect time. If it’s good for the women with feathered gowns and vanity tables, it must be good for me.

My first was made at home when I was younger. In my bathroom, I made it myself with oats, honey, and some other combination (good ingredients – at least I knew what to do!). It was probably a recipe I got from the American Girl Doll Magazine. My mother said it wouldn’t happen again. I wouldn’t look at a mask for a long time.

After my second face mask, I was not a convert. The process was messy, and it was difficult to scrub the mask off in my tiny bathroom sink. You win, fine, mom. It was a fresh mask from Lush that I kept in my refrigerator until it went bad.

Sheet masks followed. Korean skincare products that promise to give you a concentrated punch of essence. They seemed ridiculous, but I thought I’d give them a go because I was obsessed with finding a way to look fresh and vibrant after a long flight.

We were suddenly cooking on fire! This was a mask that I could support. They are silly, but that is part of the fun. They are easy to use and deliver results. I was hooked. You have to try it next time you fly. It’s amazing! It turns out that these masks were just the gateway masks to all other types of masks.

I use all kinds of products with alarming frequency. This is especially true since I don’t have a, especially in many forms: sheet, clay, charcoal, hydrating and brightening masks, overnight masks, peeling masks, and more. Masks have become a staple in my beauty and skincare routine. I’ve even posted mask selfies to Instagram. It is important to keep in mind that a mask is not just a band-aid.

They are not only useful for skincare, but they also act as a physical key to another kind of life. My life is not glamorous and messy. But, like any mask, these allow me to see a different life. You can’t be sure, but I may have a feather-trimmed robe. Face-mask me is the ultimate version of me. All my potential will be smeared on my face with a turmeric-clay concoction, which will make me glow (and perhaps better at sticking to my budget, who know!). Then you have to wash it off. Hi Mom, I think I’ve finally figured out a way to do this without making a mess.

Self-care is important, and I’m sure we all could benefit from it, but pampering isn’t the only thing. Masking up won’t solve your problems or make a difference in your life. Self-care is not just for show. Masks can be fun and may even help with that spot under your chin. But they’re not always effective. Even if you post it on Instagram, one evening in the tub will not change your life.


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