Fenty Beuty Lip Gloss

The new concealers and setting powders are all the rage in the beauty industry. But I wanted to highlight the lip gloss. This year will be the year we embrace and embrace all the different products for our lips. After having a standout lip product for several years, first lipstick, then liquid lipstick, and finally gloss, the trend is set to continue.

Although I have shared lip gloss and liquid lip gloss posts on the site, I still need to post a review or swatch of lipgloss. Fenty Beauty is the best way to highlight lipgloss.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Review

Let’s start by reviewing the Fenty Beauty Gloss bomb. It was only one shade when the gloss first came out. It took me several months to fall in love with it. The front was too thick and too concentrated in one application. I also found the peach-vanilla smell too strong. Although the excess product was not a big deal, it wasn’t easy to get used to. Although I like scented makeup, the smell was too strong and fruity for me.

After having it stored for a while, I found the product again in my stash and fell in love with it. Although the scent was strong, the formula made up for it. This gloss moisturizes my lips even after it has dried.

Although $18 seems a little steep, Colourpop (another favourite) is only $6. The hydrating formula and compact packaging make it worth the cost. Fenty Beauty glosses are essential for gloss users. It isn’t easy to choose the right one for you. That’s where I come in.

Which Gloss Bomb is Right for you?

The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb was initially available in one shade, but it now comes with three:

  • Fenty Glow
  • Diamond Milk
  • Fu$$y

Are you going to need them all? No. You don’t need a lot of lip glosses when you have a few. Fenty Beauty glosses are all very sheer with glitter dots. It’s okay to have three of each color. They do have slight color differences when applied. Fenty Glow was the first released, so let’s get started.

The original color has the most intense fragrance. The glosses are similar in scent, but the Fenty Glow color has the strongest. This gloss also pulls out the most product from the wand of all three, which may be due to the product’s first iteration.

Fenty Glow, a shimmering rose hue, is the best. It’s a peachy color with golden flecks that slightly intensifies the color of your lips after application. Fenty Glow is my go-to when I feel the lipstick is too light. I prefer this gloss. This shade is more suitable for summer looks because of its warmer undertone.

Diamond Milk is on the opposite end of the spectrum. This shade is attractive because I initially hesitated to try it out when it was released. However, I fell in love with it once I tried it on my skin. Diamond Milk shimmers in pearl gloss and is also quite sheer when applied.

This shade has a more subtle scent, which I am grateful for. Diamond Milk gives a cool, frosty look to the lips. It also has finely milled silver flecks for extra flair. If you prefer cool-toned makeup, this shade is a good choice. This shade is my favorite for fall and winter. It can be worn during winter, but I like to pair it with cool-toned accessories.

Below are photos of me in the Diamond Milk shade with no additional lip colors.

Fu$$y is the most recent gloss. This shimmering pink shade has pink glitter flecks throughout the sheer brilliance. Fu$y’s fragrance is less strong than Fenty Glow, but it smells like Diamond Milk. This is the only one I love to wear alone, out of all three.

It gives your lips a subtle rosy tint that looks incredible. This is my favorite. It looks great alone or with other colors. Fu$$y would be my recommendation if you’re looking for a solid gloss that can be used all year, or if you prefer warm- and cool-toned makeup.


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