Discover the latest nail trends for fall 2015

One of the best things you can do to welcome the new season is with a fresh manicure. A manicure with warm colors and art-inspired patterns will match the fall colors. These are some of our favorite nail designs for this season.

Short, round nails

This fall, the round nail is the way to go. You may have had long, intricate nails when you were lounging around the pool. With its 3-Piece Art of Shaving Manicure set, you can maintain a simple shape for your nails.

Dark wine and berry shades

There’s nothing more fall-like than a deep red or berry color that matches the changing season. Bordeaux is a deep, red wine polish. This stunning look can be achieved without any additional embellishment.

Champagne shades

This season, the nude nail will be back in full force with subtle shades of creams, beiges, and other colors to create a minimalistic look. Champagne is our favorite color to match this trend. Try soft pinks or ointments, such as Zoya Nail Polish Rue. You can also try NCLA Nail wraps – Au Naturel, which has a mixture of champagne and black.

Jewel tones

Fall doesn’t have to mean that you can’t wear bright, bold colors. This season, jewel-toned nail polishes inspired by gemstones such as sapphires or emeralds are very popular. Aruba Blue is a color that will make a statement wherever you go. Try NCLA – Diamond Ore for a bolder look. It contains jewel tones in multi-colored jewel shades.


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