Discover How to Find the Perfect Foundation online

Finding the right foundation online is a difficult task. There are so many options. It can be difficult to determine the right shade from swatches, especially when they differ greatly from photographs. You may also find yourself in for a shock if you don’t try out the texture of a product first. We recently introduced a shade finder at LovelySkin to help you choose the right color. There will always be some risks involved when selecting makeup online, but you can follow a few tips and tricks to find your perfect match the first time. Continue reading to find out more.

Select Your Foundation Type

As a general rule, those with dry or oily skin should use a liquid foundation. After you have decided between powder and liquid, it gets more difficult. You’ll then need to choose between a matte or dewy finish, a formula with medium, full, or sheer coverage, and mineral or non-mineral options. Check out the reviews on for real customer feedback.

You should look for foundations that won’t aggravate skin irritation or inflammation if you suffer from chronic conditions such as acne or rosacea. Before you begin the color-matching process, it’s important to check the ingredient list for allergens and irritants carefully.

Find Your Skin Color on the Color Spectrum

The skin color spectrum can be divided into three categories: light, medium, or dark. By determining your place on the spectrum, you will eliminate the majority of shades and accelerate the matching process. Examine your skin in natural light to decide whether or not it is light, medium, or dark. The fluorescent and household bulbs can cause the skin to appear golden or green. The best way to accurately portray your natural color is by standing near a sunny window on a bright, clear day. Most online swatches have been arranged in order of lightness to darkness to make it easier.

Decide Your Undertones

Undertones can be warm (yellow), cold (blue), or neutral (both cool and warm, yellow and blue). You may be familiar with the undertones of your skin if you have been professionally matched for your perfect foundation in the past. The process is easy if you don’t know. Turn your wrist around in natural light. Cool undertones are present if your veins appear purple or blue beneath your skin. If they are green, your undertones are yellow. You have neutral undertones if they appear blue, purple, and green. Hold a piece of plain white copy paper in front of your face. You have cool undertones if your skin appears brighter next to the white paper. Warm undertones are visible if your skin appears duller or more contrasted with the white.

Shade descriptions are easy to find

Many brands provide more than just swatches. Some even offer a chart that divides the colors into categories such as cool, warm, or neutral. You can narrow down your choices by using descriptions once you’ve determined whether you’re light, medium, or dark and what undertones are in your skin.

Test out Your Find

Use a brush or sponge to dab your foundation along your jawline. Then, step outside into the natural light. The foundation should blend seamlessly into your skin and disappear.

What if you miss the mark? We all miss the mark! Blend your product with another to create a custom color. Mix a small amount with your favorite moisturizer to create a tinted cream with a sheer finish.


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