Sometimes, a blog title sits there in drafts, waiting to be written. But it’s too difficult to do justice to it. This is one of them. It is only Part 1 because it would be pointless to review a product such as Dermaviduals in a single sitting. I could tell you how wonderful the Dermaviduals products are, and I have already mentioned how amazing the Face It Clinic was when I tried them out. But the point of Dermaviduals is that they become your only skin care tailored specifically to you, which is impossible to do in one sitting.

Dermaviduals, a German skincare brand, was developed by a German chemist. Face It Clinic has been testing it for two years and is really impressed by the way that the dermamembrane structures (DMS technology) work. It replicates the skin barrier to put back what life takes out. DMS base cream is customized to include the vitamins and minerals your skin requires. Vitamin A, C, and E concentrates can be added to the base cream, as well as Butcher’s Broom and Boswella (for age repair) and Butcher’s Broom, which reduces redness.

To find out more, you can read my review about the Face It Clinic Highgate. You will learn that I was late for my appointment and almost missed it. It was great to see that Donna didn’t let her initial mistake dampen her enthusiasm for skincare. We were soon discussing my skin and what it needed.

We discussed my eczema, which I have never had on the face. However, it will affect my skin as a whole, as my skin is an organism. (something I never thought about before as I only think of eczema in patches). My skin was lacking some oils, which I would need to replace. But also, having a baby under three months old that I am still breastfeeding would affect my skin. I would try the Dermaviduals products that are available off-the-shelf and see how well they work before going back for a consultation.

I walked off with my DMS Soothing lotion and Cleansing milk toner

DMS High Classic Plus moisturizer, and I used them exclusively twice a day as instructed. My annoying red spots have completely disappeared. The moisturizer didn’t feel thick, but my skin still felt moisturized. These products were amazing. I am even more impressed that the spots returned since I stopped using them. I’ll be back for my next consultation.

Face It Clinic charges PS45 for a consultation, of which 25 is applied towards products. The talk will include removing your make-up and examining your skin. You’ll also be asked about your skin history, including your parents’ skin and that of your siblings, as well as any problems you may have had or thought you might have experienced. I’m a professional make-up artist, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of your skin. You can spend hundreds on make-up to hide problems, but it is healthier and cheaper to fix the problem.


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