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Experience the Ecstasy with Charlotte Tilbury: From Chic Swish to Pop Blusher in Ecstasy

I cannot wear Charlotte Tilbury Ecstasy blush without thinking about mid-90s club banger Free.

The lead singer’s breathless utterance of “ecstasy” is about a billion times more than the rest.

Here’s to the decade that was my formative years.

Anyway…I like how long this soft pink blush stays on my skin. But the best thing about $40 Ecstasy blush? It can be applied to my cheeks in just three minutes. I don’t have to wait while Coy-Coy uses the potty. So I can leave the house looking like I slept eight hours and strained my hamstrings before I walk out the door. There’s a spring in my step!

Charlotte suggests that you blush last to gauge how much or how little blush you need. I agree.

Here’s my Ecstasy 3-minute makeup routine.

  • Use the Dot Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter to apply all over your face using the wand and blend with your fingers.
  • Apply Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lash Mascara to your lashes.
  • Draw a thin line with black liquid liner on the upper lash line using Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flip.
  • Dust Film Star Bronze and Glow Bronzer in the crease.
  • Use CT Lipstick to coat your lips.
  • Finally, apply Ecstasy to your cheekbones!

Do you love simple makeup?? Don’t you love that Charlotte calls blush “blusher?”? (Or am I the only one?)

Charlotte designed Ecstasy, and all her blushes, to be used in a two-step process. To add color, first shape your cheekbones by swishing the outer ring. Next, blend the center shade of your cheeks with a darker, more vibrant hue.

However, I often end up mixing both colors with a blush brush. That works perfectly for me.

FOTD Fall Vibes with Plum Lids & Berry Lips

Hiya! This stop on the MAC Eyeliner Greatest Hits Tour is Prunella. AHHH!

It is one of the most important things in the whole Mac world.

Boom. That was it.

It’s a purple-colored eyeliner, but not just any liner. It’s a dark blackened plum with a touch of shine that softly defines your lash and water lines.

Prunella is my one-and-done lash and lid color. It’s a little smokey and smudgy, which I love.

Prunella is a tremendous perennial product. But it shines in fall when paired with berry lipsticks. There are two new berry shades in the MAC Powderkiss Liquid Lipcolour. Here, I am wearing Got a Callback, a medium-toned berry mauve, and Burning Love, a pure berry. Both have a soft matte finish which complements Prunella’s smooth shine well.

Because I cannot resist pink lips, (! To test it out, I tried pink lipstick on to see how it looked with my eyes… It gives the makeup a more springy vibe.

You might be a fan of pink. FYI, Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic Lip Talk lip liner with lipstick and Hourglass Fever gloss is perfect.

Charlotte Tilbury is an excellent choice if you are in a “bougie blush mood”. You should check out her Ecstasy pink. This is the one with a peachy inner ring and a pink outer ring. The perfect combination of a neutral pink and a slightly warmer peach is achieved when you combine the two. It isn’t too hot or cold and looks great with almost any look.

Good morning, friend. I am here to help you if you are in trouble right now.

This week was not particularly difficult (knock on wood), but I feel the reality of the new world order sinking in and it is manifesting itself as an ever-present tightness within my body.

As many people all over the globe, I feel the weight and uncertainty of the future. ?

It’s been a month since I shared a memory with Connor. As we walked down the aisles of Trader Joe’s, singing David Bowie and looking for Jojo (a fun thing kids do) we touched everything without a care in this world.

PASTA WAS SO MUCH. There was also rice! And flour! A huge frozen food section bursting at all the seams with frozen peas and broccoli. There was no shortage of stock.

Connor discovered Jojo the stuffed animal that day, and we walked up to the sales associate (just two feet away). He congratulated us, and rewarded Connor — a red lollipop – which she quickly opened and devoured.

This was back in the days when Connor had school to attend and could physically touch her friends. I had the bakery… It was a sweeter life than I thought.

Today’s makeup was supposed be inspired by pastel Easter eggs. But for the life of me… I couldn’t get into this. I tried it a few times, playing with blues, purples, and pinks. But it just didn’t work.

So I decided to stop and take a few deep breaths, rather than trying to bulldoze my way through it like pre-pandemic Karen would have done, and do what made me feel good.

Bronze eyes and neutral lips are the makeup equivalent of comfort food. So, the big guns came out! Tom Ford Spice eyeshadow, Charlotte Tilbury foundation, and MAC lipsticks and blushes.

I know. I know. How many shades of bronze and neutral lips could one girl wear? It’s quite a few!

However, I really needed this today. It was important to me to feel normal. Even though life isn’t normal right now, and likely won’t soon.


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