Brow treatment

Like fashion, brow trends are fast and furious. The way we style and shape our brows is directly related to pop culture. There’s a style to suit every age, from the over-plucked 1990s to the bushy 2040s. With so many options available today, the possibilities are endless for brow styling!

This year, the eyebrows are going to be on trend!


The most popular treatment of recent years, according to celebrities and fashionistas, is Brow Lamination! The treatment is simple: the brows will be brushed into shape and then set with fixing product to create fuller, more even brows. The treatment is often combined with tinting to give the client a fuller, more even brow.

This Brow Shaping, Tinting & Lamination Course will help you to give your clients a uniform, full eyebrow. With lamination, also known as lifting, we can realign eyebrows to achieve the shape you want. This treatment will give you a neat, well-maintained brow shape that lasts up to two months. It solves messy eyebrows, adds volume, and creates fullness. The treatments are usually between PS30 and PS50 when combined with a brow shape and tint. This is a very profitable service you can offer your clients.

High Definition Brows

Celebrities promote this treatment, which aims to give the appearance of thicker and fuller eyebrows. This high-precision treatment transforms eyebrows to a naturally arched form, enhancing and defining facial characteristics. The most popular treatment in the salon is to have perfectly groomed eyebrows. A skilled eyebrow artist performs the treatment, which includes waxing, threading, and tinting to achieve the desired shape and appearance.

This Highly Defining Brows Training Course, a general treatment course, is designed to teach one of the most common beauty treatments offered in the industry. You will be taught a variety of brow grooming procedures, including threading, waxing, and tinting, to help you provide this popular treatment to your clients from home or on the go. You can earn between PS25 and PS40 for these treatments! Your appointment book will be full as clients return every 3 to 6 weeks to maintain the exact shape of their brows!

Henna Brows

Henna is similar to eyebrow tinting in that it colors the natural brow. Henna, a plant-based alternative to chemical dyes, is an attractive option for coloring the eyebrows and creating more expressive brows. Henna produces a darker, more dense brow. Henna is a great way to color hair and skin, but it’s important to test for any skin reactions.

Our Henna Course will teach you a variety of brow grooming procedures, including hot waxing and henna application. This course will allow you to offer this popular treatment to your clients from the comfort of their own homes or mobile. You can create natural-looking arches as well as a defined eyebrow shape. Earn up to PS35 per hour by providing these lucrative brow treatments!


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