Brow Treatment Raby Bay

Brow Sculpting

before-after-brow-495x400Brow correction & maintenance is my specialty.

I believe in quality over quantity, which is why I allow enough time to perfect your brows to ensure an end result you’ll be proud to show off. I allow 20 minutes for your treatment – no revolving door here!

If you’re seeking a brow treatment in Raby Bay that doesn’t compromise on quality or experience, MySkinSpa is the name you can rely on. During your brow treatment, I will measure, wax, pluck, trim & preen your brows to perfection every time you visit. Finishing with a brow massage & concealer/sun protection to relax & prepare your skin for the outside world.

Brow sculpt $29

Where style meets quality, you won’t want to go elsewhere for a professional brow treatment in Raby Bay. To find out more about MySkinSpa’s brow correction and maintenance service, please simply fill out the online enquiry form or call today on 0438 735 990.

Henna Brows

As one of my most popular treatments, henna brows is a safe and stunning substitute to brow tinting!

Introducing a natural alternative to chemical dyes, henna creates a stain and can fill out brows which are being revised with natural, stunning results!

Brow sculpt & henna $50;

Henna $30

Brow Tint

Brow tinting is an age old popular method used to darken and thicken brows. This method uses an oxidant as the activator to colour the brows.

Brow tint $22

Brow Sculpt & tint $43

Lash Tint

Mascara will be a morning ritual of the past with MySkinSpa’s stunning lash tint! Promising more defined and lush lashes, this cost-effective beauty treatment is a fast and long lasting solution to more stunning eyelashes. Did you know even dark lashes turn light on the ends once the growth cycle is complete!

Lash tint $26

Lash & Brow Tint $42

Eye Trios

Brow sculpt, brow henna & lash tint $67

Brow sculpt, brow tint & lash tint $62