Bridal Beauty: How to nail your wedding makeup trial

Many brides aren’t sure where to begin when looking for the best makeup artist. We asked our Global Makeup Educators to help. Continue reading to learn what you should ask, bring, and always remember.

Collect pictures of bridal makeup that you like. Models’ and celebrities’ images are often retouched. However, they can be used as an inspiration to guide you during your first makeup artist interview. Choose three photos of yourself that are your absolute favorites. You can also bring along images of pictures that you like and explain why (e.g., I love the way the eyeshadow brings out the color in my eyes. Interview multiple makeup artists in advance. Ask them questions about the photos you have taken of celebrities, models, and yourself.

How long have you been doing bridal makeup?

What is your favorite thing about bridal makeup?

Do you have a portfolio of your makeup work? Look at the images of other people and decide if that is what you want to appear like.

How do you choose your look for every bride?

What makeup brands do you use yourself? Check a brand you are not familiar with to ensure it is something you would like to use.

Can you do my wedding party?

Do you offer off-site weddings? Will you stay the whole day if I hire you? What will it cost me?

Can I see the brushes you use? If their meetings are dirty, you can bet that your skin is too.

Schedule your bridal makeup test. Schedule your makeup trial 3-5 months before your wedding after you have chosen a makeup artist. Our educators will recommend the following:

Test multiple looks (one for the ceremony and another for the reception). Ask what you need to do for your reception makeup without your makeup artist if they cannot stay for the entire day.

Arriving with a bridal hairstyle in mind or a rough idea of how your hair will look on your wedding day is advisable.

Wear a top that matches your wedding dress or is white to see how makeup will look.

Take pictures with a camera equipped with a bright flash. You can then see how your makeup looks under the professional flash of a camera.

Bridal makeup is timeless. You should still be able, in 20 years, to look at your pictures and feel that you look beautiful and timeless. Grooming the groom is often overlooked when it comes to makeup, but he also wants to look great in photos. Your makeup artist can even out his skin tone or reduce the shine to make him look and feel great in your photos.


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