Beard Facial

If you have been hesitant to offer this service due to fear, don’t be! This blog post will cover all your questions.

I will share with you my Top 5 Tips on how to approach a beard facial – this will help remove all the fear, overwhelm, and intimidation. I promise! If you are not a fan of this facial, then I would suggest that you do not offer it. There’s no need to complicate things! Grab a pen or paper if you are ready to try beard facials. Let’s get started.

Don’t be afraid… Seriously.

A beard facial should focus on the skin beneath the hair. It needs extra attention. A beard can make the skin beneath more susceptible to bacteria or dirt. Therefore, a facial for a beard should go deep. Be sure to cleanse and moisturize the skin beneath.

For easy removal, use the Glow Towel ™ with a Squeeze Bottle.

The biggest concern I hear from other essays about beard facials is how to remove the cleanser. You’re good to go if you have a Glow Towel (tm) and my favorite squeeze bottle on hand. This combination will help you remove the product, and it is fairly quick!

Forget the mask and use oil instead.

It’s better to use an oil instead of a mask for beard facials. Pick one that is a conditioner for your beard. A beard oil has many other benefits, such as nourishing the skin beneath the hair and keeping the beard fuller, softer, and tamer. ( I use the Remedy Oil Treatment from Cosmedix.).

Do you have dandruff or dry skin? Grab a high-frequency comb! are high-frequency combs that help to increase beard growth while also killing bacteria. This is also great for removing dandruff, and it kills bacteria.

What direction should I take?

Or against? Go with? It’s a question that I hear a lot, and I always answer it depends on the steps you take in your service. When cleaning the skin or when using high-frequency treatment, it’s best to always work against the hair. This will reduce irritation and produce a better facial. You can then use the hair for the rest of your facial, particularly during the massage.

Congratulations! You have passed the beard facial 101. This blog post is meant to put your mind at rest and help you understand that this type of facial does not have to be frightening. It can be an excellent service that you offer your clients.

Keep this blog handy the next time a client asks for a facial. And remember… don’t think too much. This facial does not have to be complicated. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. You’re good to go if you have the tools mentioned above.


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