Beard Facial Raby Bay

1.5 hours $167

Looking for a quality beard facial in Raby Bay?  Look no further than MySkinSpa, the experts in bespoke and custom skincare treatment!

Believe it or not, having facial hair doesn’t exempt you from requiring regular skincare maintenance.  With the help of MySkinSpa’s quality beard facial in Raby Bay, I will ensure the unexposed skin beneath your beard receives the nourishment and care it requires to maintain optimum skin health. As a proud mother of three adult sons, all of whom have beards that likely haven’t seen the light of day for some time- I have tried and tested a number of treatments to create a facial uncompromising in nourishment and quality.

As part of MySkinSpa’s beard facial in Raby Bay, I have created a specific, customised and thoroughly tested skin treatment, which will take care of the skin on your entire face and neck. Following a skin assessment, I will use beard friendly and clean products to ensure a thorough and long-lasting treatment.

MySkinSpa’s tailored beard facials consist of the following steps:

Double cleanse
Exfoliation using jojoba beads, which melt into the skin beneath to reach the unexposed skin
High-Frequency Comb to rejuvenate the condition of your skin and nourish hair follicles for healthier beard growth
Heallite II – Light-emitting diodes that send low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin
Beard-friendly face & neck massage customised serum and masking

To find out more about My Skin Spa’s unrivalled beard facial in Raby Bay, please call today on 0438 735 990 or simply fill out the online enquiry form.