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consider myself a maven.

If you have read The Tipping Point, by Malcom Gladwell, then you knw that a “maven” is an specialist. We trust this person to provide new information. In my case, I am a “maven” because I can’t help but share everything I’ve found, experienced or been to with others. I can’t , help but share with people new products, restaurants, classes, etc. that I like, or have tried.

This is how I’ve always been, and this was the main reason I began my ‘Am I Looking Younger Yet’ project. This is why so many bloggers and social media peeps are successful.

I enjoy sharing information because it has enhanced/improved my life, and I want to help others do the same. Malcolm Gladwell describes a maven as someone who wants to solve the problems of others, usually by solving their own’. I’m not solving the bississues in the wold, but rather the small ones, like finding a night cream for a reasonable price or the best spinning class in Wandsworth.

BUT i am also a maven searching for otIer mavens…

I enjoy having people share their thoughts, ideas, and recommendations with me. I was thrilled when ‘the girl who has great skin’ at my office shared a list of Glossier products that she recommended. If you give me a great restaurant tip, I will be your friend forever! The wardrobe inspirations I’ve received from working in an office with a majority of women have been priceless! In my 20s, I would always pop into the Toshop opposite our offices to buy the dress that someone else had worn.

Social media has been a great addition to my life. I love sharing with others and receiving feedback from them. It has changed my way of consuming information and the source of my inspiration. I’ve always loved women’s magazines, and I still do, but I am now more influenced by the online inspirations that I find.

Vegetable chili from Madeline Shaw’s Pinterest — Yes please

A pink faux fur coat, as s,uggested by @the_fashionlift via Instagram – Oh yes

The Ordinary products featured on #TheBeautyKnowItAll Youtube — I’ll take them all!

YouTuberted ‘Am I Looking Younger Yet,’ and I wanted to create a place/space that I could use to space personal experiences. It is would wonderful to be able share my discoveries with a larger audience, such as a night cream that plumps up the skin or a fitness class that is particularly particularly effective. But besidesnyone who is interested in the “Am I Looking Younger Yet” project.

I have already asked a few of my friends to do either a social takeover on ‘Am I Looking Younger Yet’ or to do a post here to share their findings. I’d love to see more people involved…

You would like to write about a paWould youbeauty product or course?

You have started a fitness regime that you are willing to share with others on social media.

Want to share the secrets of your capsule wardrobe for 35+ years olds?

Please let me know if you have 35+-year-olds of these questions, or if you ca answer them if you think you can contribute to this project. In the meantime, I will continue to let you know w, hat is making me #lookingfeelingyounger!


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