Abercrombie And fitch Perfume

Online, Millennials are often criticized for being too open, too woke and demanding, too diverse, too many of everything, and too free. I am a Millennial and I would like to state that this is a common characteristic of our generation. Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomers all had their quirks, collective descriptions, good and bad. I don’t get into this type of conversation. There will always be something to share about one another.

One of the best things about being a Millennial was that we can signal shifts in a variety of ways. Mobile productivity, multitasking professionalism and micro entrepreneurship are just a few of the concepts that Millennials created and in which many corporations, both old and new have found value. There are also some bad apples. Millennials are self-serving, entitled and don’t value hard work or time. Aren’t all generations blessed with good and bad apples?

Others can love or hate us, but I’m happy with my generation. We may seem too much to others, but it is clear that my generation has challenged old norms and cultures and inspired change in many different ways that are beneficial for many generations.

Why is it that I am suddenly referring to Millennials? This is because of my new favorite perfume, Abercrombie & Fitch Authentic EDT. Authentic was created with the Millennial Man & Woman in mind and evokes a sense adventure, freedom and finding compromises between.

Abercrombie and Fitch have launched Authentic, a new series of fragrances. The fragrance is inspired by Millennials: ambitious, bold, free and, most importantly, in pursuit of happiness and authenticity. The combination of different textures to create the flacon is a symbol for the many passions of Millennials. Magnetic bottle caps are a symbol of Millennials’ magnetic personality.

The bottle is quite heavy. I have the 50ml version and it weighs a bit more in my bag. However, overall the bottle looks beautiful.

Let’s get to the fragrance. Abercrombie & Fitch Authentic Women is a floral-woody blend; top notes include pear, red currant, and mandarin; heart notes include Magnolia, lily of-the-valley and nectarine; and base notes contain cedarwood and sandalwood.

The fragrance opens as a bright, floral fragrance with a subtle musky, masculine note. Abercrombie and Fitch representative said that Authentic For Woman was meant to be relatable to Millennial Women of all style preferences.

The fresh-musky scent is refreshing and beautiful. The fragrance settles into a floral base with bright, lingering notes of rose and white flowers. I love the scent, but others may not like it. It’s still a perfume made for women, so it remains that way. It has a very good sillage and lasts a long time. I also love how it masks any odors, so it’s always fresh!

There is only one scent that suits you. This fragrance is for the Millennial woman who is bold, free-spirited, brave, ambitious, and authentic.


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