In just a few steps, channel your celebrity with Alia Bhatt’s latest shoot look!

You can dolly up and not look like you put in all that effort. Yes, please. The sensational “no makeup makeup” looks take the internet by storm. This trend uses fewer beauty products in a more glamorous way. Celebrities worldwide have been vouching for it and are unafraid to try it. Deepika Padukone was seen rocking it at relaxed lunches as well as the apparent location of the airport. Alia Bhatt has brought its #lessismore beauty to her wedding. This look can be worn on special occasions on carpets. The goal is not to look as though you don’t have any makeup on while using every product that enhances your features. It includes a concealer, natural lip tint, soft blush, and more. We’ve created a guide to help you create your own look using no makeup. Scroll down to get the relaxed glamour look.

Step 1: The coverage corner

Before you start to apply makeup, make sure your base is flawless. A good coverage cream is also a must. Before you go, make sure your skin is moisturized and clean. Apply a light CC cream to one-toned skin. Lakme’s 9-5 Naturale CC Cream is a great choice if you are looking for suggestions. This cream has a mousse-like texture that protects your skin and reduces the need to apply sunscreen.

If the CC cream coverage doesn’t suit you, don’t worry! A dense concealer will give you the coverage that you need. Apply a small amount to the problem areas, and blend well. It’s amazing to achieve a matte, complete look with Lakme 9-5 Primer + Matte Concealer.

Step 2: The section for sculpting

Contouring, which Jenner and Kardashian popularized, has been a rage for quite some time. In contrast, powdered products were popular back then, many beauty diva’s now prefer cream products to highlight their cheekbones and jawlines. You can achieve these beauty goals without worrying about makeup, using a cream stick or powder contour. You can achieve a flawless sculpt with your product, whether you want a matte or velvety finish. What are you waiting to do? Shop or get shaping.

Step 3: Blush baby

Even though you can get a sun-kissed look on the gram, it is important to use the correct cheek tint! This is how you can make your slate look fuller and more radiant. A creamy blush that blends seamlessly with your base is a great way to add some sweetness! Use rigid products. Super pigmented powders can cause a blockage effect, which steals the look of no-makeup. You can embrace that youthful glow by using a natural blush and applying it to your cheeks (obviously), and the tip of your nostrils if you feel so inclined. You can get a sunburnt glow by applying it to your temples. Last but not least, try to make this pink daydream as real as possible. Start with small amounts and then add more, if necessary. This will ensure that you have no regrets and radiate pure pink beauty.

Step 4: Mascara matters

A mascara that curls your eyelashes like no other will make your eyes appear bigger and more magical. A pigmented, smudge-proof mascara is the best choice for Alia Bhatt. Even if you have had too many laughs, tears won’t dry your eyes. The unbeatable Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes mascara will pamper you with deep black lashes. This product should be used on both your upper and lower lashes.

Step 5: Scroll down

If in doubt, you can artfully brown it! Grab a good brow pencil to start outlining and shaping. Do not make it too dark. Just fill in any gaps and empty spaces with pigment. Before you choose a stick, make sure to understand your eyebrow shade. Too dark or too light can look strange when the flash hits or the sun shines on it.

Tip For a sharp look, brush your brows in the same direction. If you don’t have the right style, try this Dua Lipa signature style to get them standing. For a fresh, fab look, don’t forget to cut the long strands.

Step 6: For the love and care of your lips

You can achieve a perfect pout with muted colors. The Elle 18 Colour Pops Silk Lipstick is a gorgeous lipstick that glides on the lips and gives you a full, fab look. Balance your makeup, ladies. Too much colour can look tacky, and too little of it can be considered as brining. You must balance your flawless makeup seamlessly and sit on the perfect makeup see-saw.

Don’t be surprised if you see someone who looks exactly like Aalia Bhatt next time you go out. This is the best way to emulate that celebrity look. These products will make you look and feel amazing. Click here to learn more about the beauty products that celebrities and the rich use.


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