7 Tricks to Hide Allergic Symptoms

The trees are in full bloom, the flowers are blooming, and there is pollen everywhere. A lush landscape can be beautiful (and is appreciated after a long, cold winter), but it also signals the start of allergy season. We have beauty hacks that will help you to hide allergy symptoms. You can still look good even if you don’t feel well.

How to Cover Allergy symptoms with Makeup

Seasonal allergies affect many people, and the symptoms can vary. Some people sneeze a lot, while others have more severe symptoms such as red, itchy, and runny eyes, nasal congestion, a running nose, etc. Redness and inflammation are two of the most common symptoms of allergy symptoms. We’ll share some tips to help you conceal them without too much effort.

Hiding Redness

Choose a base with a gold tone: Yellow is best for correcting redness on the skin. So, to hide a red eye area or a nose, choose a foundation that has more yellow/gold pigment, such as BB6 GlowTime Full Coverage Mineral BB cream or Warm Sienna PurPressed Mineral Base Foundation.

Try Blue Eye Makeup: If the whites of your eyes are starting to look red, you can switch to our midnight blue eye pencil. Blue eye makeup can be worn in the same way as lipsticks with blue undertones. The sapphire color helps to counteract redness and whiten areas near the eyes. Blue-eye makeup can be a bit scary. Here are some tips to help you wear it.

Distract and dazzle: If there is a reddening around your nose, wear a PureGloss Lip Gloss that shimmers. We suggest a bright pink like Blossom.

Use a mild cleanser. Your skin may be red and sensitive. Replace your cleaner with a more gentle product, such as micellar water. BeautyPrep face cleanser contains Cucumber Extract to provide additional soothing properties.

Use products to soothe: If our skin is red and irritated, we use Gold powder-me SPF dry sunscreen. It is a two-in-one product that helps the skin and counteracts redness. This scone also offers a third benefit: SPF 30 protection from the sun!

Reduce Inflammation

Be as cold as ice. Allergic reactions can cause swelling around the eyes or face. So, as soon as possible after waking up, rub an ice cube under your eyes.

Drink “spa water” to reduce swelling: If you’re feeling puffy, add some lemon or cucumber into your water. It will help to flush out the system and reduce bloating.

Highlighting the right areas: If our under-eye room looks puffy, never add highlighter or concealer to the puff. Apply concealer or highlighter below the area that is inflamed, “below your orbital bone.” This will help reduce the shadows caused by puffiness and make your under-eye look flat.

Define the brow: One of the easiest ways to distract from puffy eyelids is to highlight another part of your face. Use our Retractable Eyebrow Pencil in seconds to fill and shape your eyebrows.


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