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This new section is a chance for us to highlight local Monmouthshire businesses in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. This is their chance to promote themselves and give us some tips on fashion and beauty.

Tell Us About Yourself:

I’m Sam, the owner of Botanical Beauty & Brows live in Monmouthshire with my partner, 17-month-old boy Jacob, and my scruffy little terrier, Miffy! Prior to the birth of my son, I owned my own Recruitment Agency specializing in the Veterinary Sector. Since then, I’ve taken the plunge and started my career in the beauty industry, which I always wanted to do. I now specialize in cosmetic tattooing. I love my new cjoband can’t wait to continue taking courses and offering more treatments.

What is microblading?

Microblading, also known as semi-permanent brow tattooing, is a ssemi-permanenteyebrow procedure. It is performed using a small disposable hand-held microblade that allows the Microblade Artist to deposit pigment in the upper layers of the dermis. Correctly done, this procedure can enhance, create, or reshape eyebrows. The result is a natural, fuller brow with crisp hair strokes. The microblading technique is suitable for everyone, regardless of whether they have sparse or full eyebrows.

The pigments fade with time as they are deposited on the surface layers of the skin. You will be scheduled for a touch-up session 4-8 weeks after your initial treatment. Your practitioner can then see how well the pigment has taken and add further definition and color. Results can last between 6-24 months before. You need to add more color. Each person’s skin retains pigment differently. Other factors such as lifestyle, skin care ,and skin type can also affect the duration of the results.

Microblading Benefits:

Microbladinggives youu brows that are water-proof, sweat-pro and smudge-proof. The Mrocess creates more defined and fuller eyebrows, so you don’t need to use as much brow makeup. They are more natural-looking than fuller eyebrow tattooing and suit most people.

Tell us about your favorite thing about your work:

The best part of my job is when clients put their trust in me, and I can send them off with eyebrows they love. Microblading can give women who have been without eyebrows for years or with unsymmetrical brows the results they want without having to apply makeup every day. I also enjoy being able mto eet people in my local area and the surrounding areas.

I will be taking a Lash Lift Course in February and can’t wait to provide more services to my clients!


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